Froo·gle (fru’gal) n. Smart shopping through Google.

Why burn gas and wade through the crowds when you can shop online?  Gift buying is a cinch with Froogle, Google’s searchable shopping index.  Similar in appearance to the Google directory, Froogle focuses on getting you right to an online point of purchase for the item you want.  Not a lot of time to spare?  Not exactly in the mood to shop?  No problem.  Use this search hint and you’ll be done with your holiday shopping in virtually no time!

  • Get the most out of your search with the Advanced Froogle Search
  • Use the following special syntaxes that Froogle keeps up its sleeve:
    • The syntax intitle: restricts results to the title of the item, while intext: restricts results to the description.  You can use these in combination.  So, if you are looking for ‘art deco jewelry’, you’d use this search:
      • intitle:art deco   intext:jewelry
    • There’s also an OR, specified by a | (the pipe character).  Perhaps you want to find either art deco earrings or bracelets; you’d use this search:
      • art deco (intitle:bracelet | intitle:earrings)
  • Set a desirable price range to fit your budget!

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