Searching Consumer Reports in EBSCO

To get the most out of your gift-giving dollar, you want to find products that have desirable features and are built to last. Everybody knows that Consumer Reports provides some of the best information on consumer products, often testing dozens of similar products and comparing them against each other for quality, durability and value. Although the library carries print copies of Consumer Reports, the quickest way to find information is online. Unfortunately, many features of the Consumer Reports website is only available for a fee. Luckily, the library has access to electronic versions of the print magazine through its subscription with EBSCO databases.

1. Click on Online Databases on the left sidebar of the library’s homepage (

2. Enter your library card number if you are outside of the library. Just click Enter if you are inside of the library.

3. On the right hand side of the East Baton Rouge Parish Library Database Page, under Statewide Databases, click on EBSCO.

4. Choose EBSCOhost Web.

5. Choose MasterFILE Premier.

6. In the Publication box, enter “Consumer Reports”. Make sure you spell it correctly!

7. In the Find box, enter the type of product you are searching for, such as “digital cameras”.

8. Browse the articles that appear. You may print out the full text articles that are available, including those handy charts that Consumer Reports makes. Fold it up, put it in your pocket and head out to the store!

The full-text Consumer Reports articles are in pdf format, appearing as they would in the print magazine. Note that there is a restriction, in that Consumer Reports articles will not be available in full text until they are three months old. In this case, if you need an article that is newer than three months, you will have access to the citation, and thus will be able to easily find the article in the print version, which is available at the library.

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