Business Person of the Month: Jennifer Fowler

Jennifer Fowler calls her business, which opened on Earth Day, April 22nd, 2008, a "conscious boutique." "Our mission at Noelie Harmon is to provide the community with extraordinary, safe products that are uniquely designed and made with consciousness." Among the boutique's diverse offerings are organic, all-cotton baby clothes; recycled cowboy boots; bamboo kitchen items; purses made from vintage leather jackets; and handmade lead free clay cookware. "Small businesses have an obligation to the consumer to provide quality products and treat the consumer in a socially responsible manner."

Each product's background and designer have been carefully researched, and the owners try to meet the person responsible for creating the product. "We firmly believe that every product must have a story to go with it." Consumers should also have the satisfaction of knowing their purchase has helped another human being. The shop stocks Tom's Shoes which donates a pair of shoes to poor children for every pair purchased. Under the Nile, which produces the organic cotton baby toys sold in the store, conducts the "13 Villages Project" providing vocational training and infrastructural development to thirteen rural villages in Egypt.

Noelie Harmon is a member of One Percent for the Planet, a growing global movement of companies which donate one percent of their sales to a network of environmental organizations worldwide. Fowler and her partner are especially interested in charities that contribute to wetland conservation, water conservation, and tree planting. Believing in giving back to the community, the women also donate their free time to local charities such as American Heart Association, Boys & Girls Club, Capital Area United Way, and LSU Museum of Art.

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