Chase’s Calendar of Events

It’s the holiday season. The go-to reference guide for holidays and events is Chase’s Calendar of Events. It contains over 800 national, international and religious holidays. It lists 1400 historical anniversaries and 4000 notable birthdays.

  • When is Jazz Appreciation Month? April
  • Is there an apostrophe in New Year’s Day and New Year’s Eve? yes
  • When is Inauguration Day? January 20
  • When is the birthday of Leonard Nimoy? March 26, 1931
  • When and what is the Harvest Moon in 2009? September 4. So called because the full moon nearest the autumnal equinox extends the hours of light into the evening and helps the harvester with his long day’s work.

It’s also good for finding out “what happened today in history”.

Next time you are passing by the reference desk, ask for it by name for a fun and fascinating look at the coming year.

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