Check out a Disney Digital Book

Would you like a little more magic with your eBooks? Then take a look at our Disney Digital Book collection available through Overdrive. You’ll find over 600 titles from classic characters like Cinderella and Peter Pan, to more recent adventures from kid’s favorites like Cars and Monsters Inc. Titles offer interactive features to enhance the book such as a ‘magic pen’ that pronounces words with just one click, and the ability to look up word definitions.

Disney Digital Books_Web Graphic_300x250

Disney books work a little differently than regular Overdrive books. Due to the powerful graphic components of the books they aren’t available on mobile devices. They will work marvelously though on laptops, PCs and Macs. They also can’t be returned early once launched. Here are some of the books you can enjoy:

AladdinBig Boo RescueBug's LifeFive Minute Adventure StorytimesGo Stitch GoKiss the Frog

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