Free Media Refresher Post

If you’re hoping for some shiny new electronics this Crimbo and you need some other uses for them besides “Paperweight: Fancy Executive Style,” may I suggest free stuff from the library?



  • OverDrive – One-stop shop for all your ebook and audiobook needs! Can you call something a “shop” if it’s free? You get the idea.
  • One Click Digital – EVEN MORE ebooks and audiobooks! If it’s not in OverDrive, it might be here. There is no overlap in the two collections, providing you with even more content.


  • Zinio – Digital copies of all your favorite periodicals! Beyoncé is in here, y’all. This is not a drill.
    • Beyoncé was on the cover of Vogue and Vogue is in here.
    • It still counts.
    • Make sure you get the “Zinio for Libraries” app instead of the just-plain-Zinio one!
  • Flipster – Kind of like Overdrive and One Click Digital, this is a supplementary digital magazine collection – this one is easier to use, and doesn’t require you to download the magazine!
This could be us, but you playing.

Movies! (Some of these are not apps, but you can still get to them from the library’s home page and watch them on your…whatever you have.)

  • Criterion Collection – Is not an app. Is instead streaming content of all films considered part of the Criterion Collection. Neat!
  • IndieFlix – Short and full-length indie films you can access with your library card!
  • OverDrive – EVEN MORE THINGS (what can’t it do?) (Wash dishes, that’s what.) (But it can suggest some resources on how to keep your house clean.)

Languages! The linked infoguide has information about most of our language learning provided software, like Mango, Muzzy (a great resource for kids!), ESL, and Signing Savvy! We’ve also got Pronunciator.

There’s literally nothing you can’t do!

We use this gif a lot because it’s just so true.

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