Relax at the Library

The holidays are almost upon us. Relatives are flocking in from all over the place, and some of them have a lot of stuff to say, maybe with less tact than they think they have. But don’t worry – when in doubt, you can always come to the library.

Like Hermione.

Adult coloring is a great way to destress, and the last one of the year is this Saturday, December 19th, from 1-3 PM at Jones Creek Regional. Maybe you can make something pretty to give the next person who asks you what you’re planning to do after graduation! It’s a great way to keep the peace.

For more inner peace, come to the Jones Creek Branch on Sunday, the 20th, for a meditation class from 3-4:30. Nitin Gupta will teach you ways to improve focus and clarity and keep a sense of balance.

Breathe in: they’re your family and you love them. Breathe out: soon they will go home.

If you’re suddenly realizing you completely forgot to buy presents, or that the 25th of December was only a few short days away, or (as we sometimes do) that the December that is this month is the same December that Christmas happens in, stop by the Central Branch from 3-4 on the 19th to make marbled polymer clay pendants for the person in your life who likes jewelry. You can also stop by the Fairwood Branch at 6:30 on December 22nd to make a Harry Potter-style wand for your friend group’s biggest Potter fan.

If you’re a teenager, there are lots more crafts scheduled – everything from duct tape wallets to LED-enhanced holiday cards. Check the library events calendar to collect them all.

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