The Droids You’re Looking For

Twas the night before Star Wars, and all through the library

Not a creature was stirring, not even a cassowary.

The books were all shelved in their sections with care,

In hopes that their new readers soon would be there;

The librarians were nestled all snug in their beds*

While Vader and Obi Wan sabre-fought in their heads.

So come check out our book displays! (We couldn’t keep that up. Rhyming is exhausting, and that poem is actually quite long.)

book display
Main Library, 2nd Floor

Just about every branch has something set up, and most of them also have some kind of Star Wars activity or craft planned for the weeks leading up to and following the premier. We’ve got a whole bunch of books about Star Wars. We’ve got a Pinterest board full of crafts – having something to do with your hands might keep you awake during Thursday’s twenty-hour marathon. (Are you going? Some of us are going. Some brave, dedicated souls.) Keep an eye on the library’s social media pages for a thematic surprise coming soon!

If this is not the most adorable geeky thing you’ve ever seen, please send us pictures of whatever is beating it. We must know.

If you can’t make the premier, and you’re not a knitter or any of those other things, check out the Star Wars Cubeecrafts page! They’ve got most of the original characters, and since all you have to do is print them out, cut out the shapes, and fold and glue them together, it’s loneliness to desk friends in just a few short minutes. Or, if you’re a little more science-y and like your desk friends of the slightly less easily damaged variety, check out Thingiverse for some great 3D-printed Star Wars things! You can have them printed using the library’s 3D printers.

And finally, if you just don’t care about Star Wars and are desperate to talk about something else (but don’t want to be completely alienated from your peer group), here’s a suitably themed sound bite to play whenever someone brings it up.

It sounds like this.

Whatever your opinions on the franchise might be, enjoy the celebration! We’ll see you after the premier. (NO SPOILERS.)

*Because this comes up sometimes, it’s important that you know that none of us actually live here. Some of us have asked if we may. They won’t let us. Probably Darth Vader’s fault, somehow.

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