Gale Interactive: Science

We’re going to do science to things.

Gale Interactive: Science is an awesome internet place to hang out for anyone who’s interested in biology, chemistry, earth science, or 3D models of skeletons. (They have a lot of those, and it’s great.)


It’s a great resource for middle and high schoolers, with tons of review material like guided interactive lessons and self-initiated quizzes, and for educators who maybe don’t want to clean up frog guts for the rest of the semester (the curriculum corresponds to state and national education standards), but it’s also just really, really cool. Each lesson comes with a 3D model that you can move around to examine from different angles, and on which you can zoom in to see different parts (including muscles beneath the skin, and bones beneath those) more closely. (Except in chemistry, where it’s much more, you know, electrons and whatnot.)

Probably the coolest part, in our sort-of-expert opinion, is the 3D models that you could totally print out with the library’s 3D printers. Have you ever wanted a dinosaur skull just, you know, around? They make great Christmas tree ornaments!

Gale Interactive: Science – a great way to put the fun back in science fundamentals! (We are required to use a certain number of puns per year.)

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