With Kanopy, our BRAND NEW entertainment resource, you can watch up to 15 indie films, classics, documentaries, and more each month. Every film you play can be watched an unlimited number of times for three days before you need to spend another play credit to watch it again. Kanopy can be accessed from any device, including Roku! Watch anything from A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night, an excellent Iranian vampire flick, to Plastic Paradise – The Great Pacific Garbage Patch, a documentary about what happens to the things we throw away. Set up a playlist and watch them one right after the other! Set up more than one playlist to make sure you remember to inflict very bizarre second of movies like Eraserhead on your friends! The possibilities are endless!

4 thoughts on “Kanopy”

    1. You should be able to click on the picture in this post to be taken to EBRPL’s Kanopy site, where you will be asked to enter your library card number if you’re using the internet from outside the library. You can also get there through the Digital Library on our website by going to http://ebrpl.com, clicking on “Digital Library” at the top of the page, clicking on “A-Z List”, and clicking on “K” for “Kanopy,” where Kanopy is currently the only result.

    1. You should be able to access the Kanopy website by clicking on the picture in this post or through our Digital Library.

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