Library Hurricane Notices

  • The Main Library and the Bluebonnet Regional Branch Library are closed today (Monday, September 8, 2008) due to power outages. All other branches of the East Baton Rouge Parish Library will be open today from Noon to 8:00 p.m. The River Center Branch will close at its normal time at 7:00 p.m.
  • Beginning Tuesday, 09/09/08, through Thursday, 09/11/08, all branches of the East Baton Rouge Parish Library will open at the regularly scheduled time and will close at 8:00 p.m. One exception is the River Center Branch which will be open from 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.
  • GREAT NEWS!!!! Storytime in the Children’s Room will be held as scheduled at each of the branch libraries. Come by and join in the fun!
  • Overdue fines will be suspended for a brief period of time due to the effects of Hurricane Gustav. Check with the Circulation Desk at your local branch library for more details.
  • Meeting room use has been suspended at all branch libraries for the remainder of this week, 09/08/09 through 09/12/08. Therefore, community organization meetings are also canceled this week. Check with your individual community organization to determine if an alternate meeting location and time has been arranged.

Library Closing and Hurricane Link Fest

The East Baton Rouge Parish Library is closing at 4pm on Saturday, August 30 and will remain closed on Sunday, August 31. The library is closed for the Labor Day holiday on Monday, September 1 and will remain closed on Tuesday, September 2 UNLESS Hurricane Gustav changes course and leaves the Baton Rouge area untouched. Stay tuned to local news outlets for more information about library closures.

It seems like a good time to remind everybody about the East Baton Rouge Parish Library Hurricane Hotline, which is chock-full of hurricane information. And while we’re still open, don’t forget the Library Information Service at (225) 231-3750. We’ve been answering questions about the hurricanes and emergency preparedness all week.

The State Library of Louisiana has also set up hurricane and emergency assistance website at . Furthermore, a blog has been set up to keep track of the status of Louisiana Libraries, whether they are closed or open, or if any branches are damaged. It is the Louisiana Library Status Blog.

p4A Antiques Database and James Dean’s T-shirt

p4A Antiques Reference database is not just for collectors — it’s a collection in itself! It’s an image database with tons of great images of weirdly wonderful things.

Hidden in the depths of p4A you’ll find:

  • James Dean’s t-shirt from Rebel Without a Cause
  • Sitting Bull’s revolver
  • Gen. George A. Custer’s folding camp chair
  • a Tyrannosaurus rex claw
  • the Red Baron’s goggles

…and many more odd, yet historical, items of interest!

Why wait for Antiques Roadshow or Cash in the Attic? Be your own treasure hunter and explore p4A Antiques Reference database. And tell us about your Fabulous Finds!

To access p4A Antiques Database, go to the EBRPL Database Page and enter your library card number (if you are inside of the library, you can skip this step). Go to p4A Antiques Database from the left hand column under My Library’s Databases.

New Main Library in the Park Concept Plans

After numerous meetings and workshops over the past few months, three site concept plans have been developed for the new Main Library in the Park. The library invites you to view each plan and to make comments and observations about them.

Click on the link to find the site concept plans and other items relating to the new Main Library in the Park.

Main Library in the Park Concept Plans

Main Library in the Park Concept C

Finding Louisiana Authors

If you are looking for Louisiana authors, there are two separate databases that list Louisiana authors. The State Library of Louisiana’s Center for the Book maintains the Writer’s Directory, which is a bibliographic database of living Louisiana writers. The database is searchable by a variety of fields, inlcuding city and parish. When applicable, contact information for the authors is included as well as their speaking fees and about which topics they speak.

The second database is called the Louisiana Authors Index and it is maintained by Louisiana State University (LSU) Libraries. It tries to keep a list of deceased authors and their works. Listings include basic bibliographic information, and some include brief biographies.

Used together, these databases offer a comprehensive search for Louisiana authors and works.

African American Businesspeople

August is Black Business Month time to celebrate achievements of African-American businesspeople. Here is a brief list of titles in the library’s collection on the subject of African American entrepreneurs. Looking for biographies of local African American businesspeople, check out the people section of Our African American Legacy.

African-American Business Leaders: A Biographical Dictionary by John N. Ingham and Lynne B. Feldman, c1994.

An Introduction To Business For African-American Youth by Abner McWhorter, c1995.

Black Titan: A.G. Gaston And The Making Of A Black American Millionaire by Carol Jenkins and Elizabeth Gardner Hines, c2004.

Cookie Never Crumbles by Wally Amos, c2001.

Market Women: Black Women Entrepreneurs–Past, Present, And Future by Cheryl A. Smith, c2005

On Her Own Ground: The Life And Times Of Madam C.J. Walker by A'Lelia Perry Bundles, c2001.

Titles listed above are linked to the Library’s online catalog so you can see title locations and status. Once you’re in the catalog, click on the picture of the book cover for a synopsis and other information.

Business Person of the Month: Marsha Rish

Honeymoon Bungalow and Time Warp Boutique are the only vintage shops in Baton Rouge; other stores may have some vintage items. But Marsha Rish specializes in vintage, which means items in her stores are dated as mid-century, i.e. 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s. When Rish and her husband decided to go into the antique business fulltime, they wanted a way to make the business unique so they decided to specialize in vintage items–furniture, housewares, decorative lighting and more.

Rish always wanted to own her own shop; even as a child she liked to play store. Her interest in the vintage business grew out of a hobby. At one time she rented a booth in Denham Springs, which did not work out because of the distance. Also “vintage did not sell well there.” Honeymoon Bungalow opened in 1998. Her husband came up with the name partly because people always say they still act like honeymooners. It seemed historically appropriate for two reasons: the bungalow is an architectural style from the early twentieth century arts and crafts movement and also small cottage motels often advertised themselves as ‘honeymoon bungalows’ to attract the wedding trade in the forties and fifties.

“Honeymoon Bungalow represents the whole of a couple’s life together, the items they’ve accumulated over the years, the things they saved for, the things they splurged on, the things they love.” The store is a vintage department store — furniture displayed in one area; kitchen items, another; and a separate room for the “library.” Rish loves books and only carries hardbacks at the store. She likes to read non-fiction, science, history and vintage comedy like James Thurber.

Time Warp started as six dresses in an armoire in Honeymoon Bungalow. The vintage clothes proved to be very popular and the customer base grew rapidly. In 2006 the store spun off to its own building, and now ninety percent of the stock is vintage clothing from the 20’s through the 80’s. Rish observes, “people buy more clothes than furniture.” And they follow fashion trends, so “if plaid is in at the department store, we carry vintage plaid.” Time Warp also carries vinyl records, turntables, bar and smoking collectibles, art works and gifts.

Read more….

Fuel Economy

With the recent increase in gas prices, consumers are becoming more interested in fuel-efficiency. is an online resource brought to you by the United States Department of Energy and the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

The website provides fuel economy ratings for cars and trucks from 1985 to the present. Many models include real-world estimates (provided by website users) and environmental impact ratings. One tool allows you to compare different car models side by side. These comparisons break down fuel usage into dollars, so you can better estimate the cost basis for purchasing more fuel-efficient vehicles. For example, a 2008 Toyota Prius will cost an estimated $3064 less per year to fuel than a 2003 Ford Expedition ($1338 vs. $4402 per 15000 miles at $4.11 per gallon).

Articles provide gas-saving tips. There is a downloadable, printable fuel economy guide that includes fuel economy data for all the models in a given year. Also the Tax Incentives Information Center lists the vehicles that qualify for federal tax incentives, while breaking down the tax-credit rules and how to fill out the associated income tax forms.

How Do I Find Flood Zone Information?

**Updated May 2011**

The LSU AgCenter has probably the easiest to navigate online flood maps. Search for an address in East Baton Rouge Parish. Search Other Parishes in Louisiana.

Please read the special supplement: Using Flood Maps When Waters are Rising for valuable information concerning the current Spring 2011 flood situation.

Printed East Baton Rouge Parish flood maps are available at each branch of the East Baton Rouge Parish Library. They are also available online from the FEMA Map Service Center. There is an online tutorial with instructions on printing a letter or legal size copy of these maps. The flood zone designations, such as X or A, are defined at FEMA Flood Zone Designations.

Residents of East Baton Rouge Parish can also go to the East Baton Rouge Parish Geographic Information System. After searching for a particular address, click on Details, where you can find the property’s flood zone designation as well as lot and block number, subdivision, voting district and much more.

How Do I Find Information About Antiques and Collectibles?

Here are some tips about finding information about antiques and collectibles at the East Baton Rouge Parish Library.

Attic Treasures

Once a year, the library holds the Attic Treasures program, which features local and regional collection specialists who identify and evaluate items that the public brings in. Call (225) 274-4440 for more information.

P4A Antiques Reference Database

P4A Antiques Reference Database has information drawn from the fifty leading regional auction houses located throughout the United States, plus other selected specialist auctions. In it, you’ll find pictures of hundreds of antiques and collectibles offered at auction. The sale prices are included and often there are auction notes about the item.

To access p4A Antiques Reference, go to East Baton Rouge Library Online Databases and enter your library card number. Then click on p4Antiques Reference under My Library's Databases.

Print Resources at the Library:

Print resources in the Library can be found under the Dewey Decimal numbers 745.1 for Antiques and 790.132 for Collecting. For more specific information on particular kinds of collectibles, try searching the Library's Online Catalog for the type of collectible, e.g. porcelain, silverware, toys, etc. The subject headings for collectibles follow the form "Dolls–Collectors & Collecting."

Here are some suggested titles: 

The Antique Trader Antiques & Collectibles Price Guide

This pricing guide provides accurate and up-to-date information along with careful descriptions and many photographs for a wide range of collectibles.

The Kovels' Antiques & Collectibles Price List

This publication is intended for the average collector and reports prices based on actual retail sales. The Kovels also publish a monthly newsletter and many more specialized books on antiques and collectibles.

Miller's International Antiques Price Guide

Useful for the first-time buyer or the professional, this publication offers photographs, price ranges, market developments and collecting advice.


The library has several magazines about antiques and collecting. Check the Library's Online Catalog for availability.

  • Antiques and Collecting Magazine
  • Coin World
  • Country Living
  • Linn's Stamp News
  • Magazine Antiques
  • World Coin News