And the Oscar Goes To…

by Louise Hilton

<> on October 19, 2009 in Santa Clarita, California.

It’s that time of year again! The 85th Academy Awards ceremony airs this Sunday, February 24, at 6 p.m. Check out the official website for all things Oscar: recipe ideas for your very own Oscar viewing party, behind-the-scenes videos with the nominees, an Oscar app for your smartphone, and more.

Click here for a printable list of the nominees or try this interactive Oscar ballot from The Los Angeles Times here.

Don’t miss the official site of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences (the governing body behind the awards) for the history behind this legendary night in Hollywood.

Most of this year’s nine Best Picture nominees are already in the library catalog, including Argo, Beasts of the Southern Wild, Django Unchained, Life of PiLincoln, and Zero Dark Thirty.

Speaking of Beasts of the Southern Wild, Quvenzhané Wallis, the star of the movie,  is a Louisiana native (she’s from Houma) who made history this year by becoming the youngest nominee ever – she is nine years old and was only six when the movie was filmed! Nominated for Best Actress, she steals the show as the plucky heroine in this drama set in the bayou.

The Library also offers a great selection of titles about the Oscars, including Bringing Up Oscar: The Story of the Men and Women Who Founded the Academy by Debra Ann Pawlak, Oscar Fever: The History and Politics of the Academy Awards by Emanuel Levy, Made for Each Other: Fashion and the Academy Awards by Bronwyn Cosgrave, 75 Years of the Oscar: The Official History of the Academy Awards by Robert Osborne, and Behind the Oscar: The Secret History of the Academy Awards by Anthony Holden.

For fun fictional takes on the frenzy of Oscar season, try Murder at the Academy Awards by Joan Rivers, Celebutantes by Amanda Goldberg, and Oscar Season by Mary McNamara.

Don’t forget to tune in Sunday night!


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Holiday Movies and Music

Our Sights and Sounds InfoGuide keeps you up to date with the latest audio, DVD and Blu-ray additions to the library. It’s definitely worth visiting often! For the holiday season we have a special page to help you find that perfect CD of Christmas music, or check out some old and new DVD favorites. From The Polar Express and The Muppet Christmas Carol, to a variety of festive tunes. You’ll find a great selection on Sights and Sounds!

Oh, The Horror!

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Have You Got Olympics Fever?

The XXX Olympiad is upon us! Here are some things to put you in the mood for the London 2012 Olympics and some fantastic sporting competition. First of all, the official website of the Olympics is well worth a visit. There are photographs, videos, and lists of medallists going back to 1896. It’s a great way to relive some of those treasured sporting memories. You can also check out one of these books or DVDs to take a look back at the competition’s prestigious history.

With these books you can read up on some factoids and impress your friends while you’re watching the games. I know I will!

Have a smartphone? Try these apps to keep up with the Olympics:
London 2012 Olympics Official App: iTunes, Android
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BBC Olympics App: iTunes, Android

Remembering the Titanic

April 15 marks the 100 year anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic after striking an iceberg on her maiden voyage from Southampton to New York. Over 1500 souls perished on that fateful day. The ship considered unsinkable was anything but.

To commemorate the Titanic we’ve put together a list of resources, take a look at these must see sites:

Titanic Centenary Collection from British Pathé. See actual footage of the Titanic.

Titanic: The 100 Year Anniversary from the National Archives. View passenger lists and their stories.

Titanic Inquiry Project Electronic copies of the original disaster inquiry documents.

Titanic Resources from Great collection of pictures and other multimedia.


Eyewitness Titanic

Shadow of the Titanic : The Extraordinary Stories of Those Who Survived

Titanic : The Last Great Images

Titanic : A Night Remembered

Titanic : The Ship Magnificent

Titanic Tragedy : A New Look at the Lost Liner


Titanic : The complete story

Titanic’s Final Moments : Missing Pieces

Titanic (1997 movie)

Titanic (1953 movie)

A Night To Remember (1958 movie)

Christmas Sights & Sounds

Our Sights and Sounds InfoGuide keeps you up to date with the latest audio and DVD additions to the library catalog, as well as providing highlights of different audio/video genres available. It’s definitely worth visiting often! To help you get in the Christmas spirit there is now a section on the guide dedicated to the holidays.

Find that perfect CD of Christmas music or check out some old and new DVD favorites. From A Charlie Brown Christmas and Home Alone, to festive tunes crooned by the Rat Pack, you’ll find a great selection on Sights and Sounds!