PBS Videos on Overdrive!

We now have a full range of excellent PBS documentaries available on our Overdrive download service. These videos are always available through “maximum access”, you will never have to wait in a hold queue to see them. YAY!!

Here’s a small sampling of the popular PBS programs included:

Ken Burns’ series, The War (Emmy award winner)

The Life & Times of Frieda Kahlo (Emmy Award winner)

Masterpiece Theatre’s Northanger Abbey (a Jane Austen classic)

Thornton Wilder’s classic play, Our Town, starring Paul Newman

Louis Henry Gates’ series, African American Lives

Download one of the many outstanding films or series through Overdrive and enjoy PBS programming on your computer any day or any time – for FREE!!

An Evening with Donna Douglas

Don’t miss Donna Douglas appearing at the Jones Creek Branch on April 22nd at 7pm. Best known for her role as Elly May Clampett on the hit TV show The Beverly Hillbillies, she’ll be sharing anecdotes about her life and experiences.

Here are a couple of titles we have in our collection to get you into the spirit:

The Beverly Hillbillies: Ultimate Collection (DVD)

The Beverly Hillbillies: A Fortieth Anniversary Wing Ding

Halloween Horror!!

Yes it’s that time of year again. Lock your doors, hide behind the couch and pretend that noise you heard was just the wind. We have some devilishly good horror films for your Halloween treat.

Halloween (original and remake),

Saw (original and sequels),


The Devil’s Rejects,

Last House on the Left,

Friday the 13th,

The Last Winter,

The Mist,

28 Weeks Later,

Black Sheep

Wolf Creek and more!

Take a look at the library catalog….

The Ghoulish Librarian recommends the awesome Let the Right One In


Live Long and Prosper with Star Trek

Can’t wait to see the new blockbuster Star Trek movie in theaters?

Don’t forget we have your Star Trek fix here at the library! We have the original series, Voyager, Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Enterprise and the animated series on DVD as well as the big screen movies. We also have lots of Star Trek books, biographies of the stars, non-fiction and books on CD.

Boldly go to your local branch or check the catalog to see whats on offer!

Anime and Manga @ the Library

The Young Adult Department has a great selection of some of the latest and most popular Anime (Japanese Animation) and Manga (Japanese Graphic Novels). You can also keep up with what’s new with the genre by reading the magazines we subscribe to such as Anime Insider, Shojo Beat, and Shonen Jump.

Some of the highlights of the Manga collection include Bleach, Naruto, Vampire Knight and the complete series of Death Note.

Popular DVDs include Cowboy Bebop, Code Geass, Full Metal Alchemist and Outlaw Star.

If we don’t have your favorite Anime or Manga, you can request we purchase it here.

Not sure what to read or watch? Call the Young Adult Department at 231-3770 for suggestions!

TV Shows on DVD

Did you know there are lots of TV shows on DVD available at the library? This popular part of the collection has something for everyone and new titles are always being added.

These include recent dramatic hits Lost, Battlestar Galactica, Nip/Tuck and House MD.

Comedy series  Scrubs, The Office, Aqua Teen Hunger Force and Extras.

Classic series  Starsky and Hutch, Thundercats and Wings.

British series including Doctor Who, Absolutely Fabulous, and Inspector Morse.

Remember if an item is checked out it’s simple to put yourself on the waiting list through our catalog or by calling 225-231-3750. Then you’ll be notified when it is ready for you to pick up!