Banned Books Week

September 26-October 3rd is Banned Books Week! It’s a celebration of the freedom to read under the protection of the First Amendment. You can read all about it here on the American Library Association website.

You might be surprised at some of the titles that have been challenged (a formal written request made to remove a book from library shelves).  Here is a fascinating list of the top 100 banned and challenged classics.

News Resources

You’re on the web catching up on the news, checking your favorite local websites and then on to national news sites. It can be time consuming, what if you could find it all in one place? Well you can!

Take a look at our News Resources Guide

Here you will find the latest headlines from Baton Rouge and Louisiana news channels, national newspapers and television, even international news agencies. The news headline feeds constantly update with breaking news and save you the hassle of going from site to site. You can even listen to the news online!


Ever heard of Freecycle? It’s a good way to pass on items you no longer need, and a much greener alternative than the landfill. The Freecycle Network covers most of the country and Baton Rouge has it’s own group.  Basically you post the item you want to get rid of and local people will respond. You can also post if you are looking for an item. You’ll be surprised what people give away!

It’s easy and completely free to join and all items are free. Freecycle groups use a yahoo groups page for listings so you do need to have a yahoo email address to read the listings.

Read the Freecycle guidelines here.

The National Parks: America’s Best Idea

You know you love Ken Burns’ documentaries. You know you do. So if you just can’t wait until his latest, The National Parks, comes out in September, you can feed your jones with a preview on this site.

Since PBS created the site to complement The National Parks, there are video clips from the program and an interview with Ken Burns himself!

If you’re the one feeling loquacious, you can share your own National Park stories in the “Share your Story” section or check out online chat transcripts from Burns and his colleagues. In the “Spread the Word” area, you can fool your friends — send them virtual Park postcards. Fun!

So avoid impatience — check out America’s Best Idea.


The Red Hot Jazz Archive

Interested in Jazz? Then you’ll love The Red Hot Jazz Archive, a website about the history of Jazz before 1930. There is information about many of the earliest jazz groups including discographies and biographies of the musicians.

Some of the coolest aspects of the site are the multimedia sections. There are some very early jazz films that you can watch and you can listen to a large number of classic jazz audio recordings.

Red Hot Jazz

This site is full of sax appeal, take a look and stay cool!

Research Guides

Our Research Guides are online resources that contain books, websites, RSS feeds, podcasts, and videos. We have 24 guides so far on subjects such as Arts & Culture, Genealogy, Health, Science, News Resources.

We also have our How Do I Guides. Here you can get step by step assistance with topics from tracking down ancestors to finding legal forms. List of all How Do I Guides

Our guides will be continually growing and changing so keep checking back. We know you’ll find these great resources really helpful. If you have an idea for a Research or How Do I Guide you’d like to see, please let us know!

Woodstock Memories

It’s the Fortieth anniversary of Woodstock, when hundreds of thousands of people attended the legendary three days of peace, love and music in New York state. The festival ran from August 15-18, 1969 and featured artists such as Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin and The Who.

Woodstock Memories Project in partnership with the Poughkeepsie Journal have created an online archive of pictures, digitized documents, flyers, band posters and newspapers relating to the event. Take a look and you can contribute your own memories and thoughts.


Live@Chelsea’s is Back!!!

Our wildly popular jazz series, Live@Chelsea’s, is back with a bang! Beginning on October 21, you can once again enjoy live jazz and great food at Chelsea’s Cafe under the Perkins Rd Overpass.

We’ll kick off the new series with a past favorite, Harry Anderson, director of the Southern University Jazz Institute, and his group of local jazz notables. Harry’s group swings and you’re guaranteed to have a great jazz experience.

Upcoming shows will feature crooner Ned Fasullo, pianist Adrian Strickland, The Southern University Big Band and more!!

Live@Chelsea’s will run through April 2010 on the 3rd Wednesday of each month from 6:30-8:30 pm. All ages are welcome to attend and the shows are FREE. Get there early for a good seat — these shows are popular!!!

Didn’t make it a Live@Chelsea’s show last year? Click on the link below to see what you missed.

We’ll feature clips from other past shows on our website, so visit often. And make sure to mark your calendar — Live@Chelsea’s, Oct 21, 6:30-8:30 pm.

The Internet Archive Wayback Machine!

The Wayback Machine allows you to view archived web-pages preserved just as they were on the day they were published.  Want to see on August 24, 2000? EBR Library homepage on December 7, 2000? You can! It’s a trip down memory lane and it’s pretty cool to see the difference in quality of webpages from then compared to now. 

There are over 150 billion pages you can look at dating back to 1996. It’s great fun, unfortunately you can’t go back and recover the time you may waste browsing around the Wayback Machine!

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