Encyclopedia of Life

The Encyclopedia of Life aims to provide information on all species of life on Earth. This work in progress is a collaboration between multiple organizations including the Smithsonian and Harvard University.

Species entries contain images, descriptions, habitats, conservation and reproduction information as well as links to further resources. The encyclopedia is constantly growing and is a great resource for students or for those with just a casual interest.

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Discovering Antarctica

As the temperatures soar in Louisiana, it’s nice to think about somewhere cooler. After spending some time exploring Discovering Antarctica you should be feeling suitably chilly and refreshed.

This site from the Royal Geographical Society and British Antarctic Survey boasts some fantastic photographs of the landscape and wildlife. There are videos, audio files, articles and fun interactive features. There is a wealth of educational information available about life in the Antarctic, the habitat and how climate change is affecting the region.



Geocaching is a fun worldwide outdoor activity, basically a scavenger hunt with a twist. A geocache is a ‘treasure’ you are trying to find, they are hidden in various places and their GPS (Global Positioning System) coordinates are logged on a website.  You get the coordinates and try to find them with your GPS device.

The difficulty level can vary greatly depending on the location and the terrain. Here in Baton Rouge it is not too strenuous, but it is lots of fun and great exercise!

There are numerous free sites you can join to look for geocaches. One of the largest is www.Geocaching.com A brief search revealed that right now there are over 3800 geocaches in Louisiana! If you have a GPS, take up the challenge! You can find more information about how it works here: www.geocaching.com/about/

Farmers Markets

Farmers Markets are great places to get the freshest local produce and to keep your money in the community. Here we have the Red Stick Farmer’s Market downtown on Saturday mornings from 8:00-noon, and Tuesdays on Goodwood Blvd. (See site for details)

Farmers Market

Farmers Market Search

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) hosts a database of Farmers Market locations throughout the country. So now when you find yourself traveling or staying in a different town or city, you can find information about markets and sample the delicious local produce!

How to Go Green Guides!

If you’re concerned about the environment and interested in ‘going green’ or simply want to save some money this is a site you have to check out. Sometimes when people talk about ‘green’ its easy to see as a concept but applying it to everyday situations can be difficult. Fear not! The folks at Planet Green have literally hundreds of  green guides for a variety of situations from how to have a green Thanksgiving , to how to have green laundry (insert joke here).   

Planet Green

Have a browse around the well indexed site and pick up some tips and find the reasons behind them.

Household Hazardous Materials Collection Day

On Saturday May 23rd it is Household Hazardous Materials Collection Day. Items can be dropped off at the east side of the Memorial Stadium parking lot from 9:00am-1:00pm. This is only open to East Baton Rouge Parish residents and commercial waste is not allowed. Time to get rid of the stuff we all end up hording because we don’t know how to dispose of it. Items accepted range from acids and solvents to paint and tires.

Complete list  of items accepted and to find where to recycle certain hazardous items all year round.

For further information call the East Baton Rouge Parish Recycling Office 389-5194.

Energy Savers

The summer is coming, the temperature rising and we all know what that means, electricity bills going through the roof! Any way that we can save energy is good for the environment and good for our wallets. There is a government site that can help:


This useful site offers lots of great advice on how to make our homes, vehicles and workplaces more energy efficient. have a look at the site and you’ll be surprised what tips you’ll pick up!

Livable Streets Initiative

Livable Streets Initiative

Smart growth, alternative transportation options, and green initiatives… Baton Rouge is just beginning the process to make the city and our streets more livable and people-friendly. If you’re following the news, you’re aware of the issues. And if you want to know more about these concepts, the Livable Streets Initiative has created a website that explains and demonstrates what the new livability is all about.

Using blogs, wikis, films, lesson plans and social networking this site has created a community that shows how to make our streets more people-friendly — and what technologies and designs are available. Visit the Livable Streets Initiative and start the process to take back our streets.

Women’s History Month-Library of Congress

Women’s History Month – Library of Congress
March was Women’s History Month — and unfortunately, we only found this website at the very end. But better late than never!

Themed as “Women’s commitment to the environment”, this site has combined the resources of several government agencies to provide a wealth of information on women who have worked unfailingly to protect the environmental interests fo this country.  You can watch videos, listen to podcasts, view exhibits, and, of course, read articles about the women who have shaped the country.

An excellent site!

Backyard Conservation

Backyard Conservation

Green landscaping is hot, hot, hot!! And the Natural Resources Conservation Service has a great site to help you get going. “Backyard Conservation” shows you how to adapt agricultural conservation practices for use around your home to make your yard more attractive and enjoyable.

Whether you have rural acreage, a suburban yard, or a city lot, you can help protect the environment and add beauty and interest to your surroundings with the tips and ideas presented on the site.

Download the booklet in English or Spanish — or just download the tip sheets and get your yard looking and “acting” green.