Make Something!

The library has fantastic resources for those who want to try their hand at a craft, from woodwork to needlework, to electronics. You’ll find books and DVD in the library catalog, and how-to videos through Access Video on Demand. If you take a look at our events calendar you’ll always see programs where you can create something at the library. Who says D.I.Y. is dead? It’s time to make something!

A new addition to our collection is a magazine called Make: Technology on Your Time. This magazine is full of creative ideas and projects. You’ll find step by step instructions and lists of the items you need. Whether you want to make a guitar from scratch or add a remote control to your lawnmower, you can do it!

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Make of the Month: Two Liter Soda Bottle Boat

make  /māk
Verb: Form (something) by putting parts together or combining substances; construct; create.

This is the first in a regular blog post series about making and creating something awesome! You can find so many projects through the library. One of the most creative resources we have is MAKE Magazine. It is full of ideas and projects of all kinds!

Here is our Make of the Month courtesy of the good folks at If you try this project please let us know and we’d love to see your pictures!

This easy build uses two important scientific principles, buoyancy and stored kinetic energy, to float and drive a simple boat. The parts are all readily available around most homes, and the boat can be assembled in minutes, though a bit more time with waterproof markers can add some style to the outcome. Consider experimenting with additional components like fins for stabilization to improve the performance. See the full project at

Mount the Outriggers and Launch