Become a World Traveler

Have you ever wanted to visit another country, but weren’t sure where to start? The library has a guide just for you all about how to get a passport. Find out where to apply, what to bring, and how long it’ll take with our Infoguide, “How Do I Get a Passport?

When you’re ready to head out, pick a place to go with CultureGrams. You can find all kinds of information on countries all over the world. Choose a destination that’s perfect for you.

Learn how to speak the language with Mango Languages. With over 70 language courses available in a fun, easy framework, you’ll be able to say hello to new friends on every continent.

These resources, and more, are free with your library card! Let us know where you want to go next!

Popular Lynda Courses for March

Celebrate the first day of spring with a free online class from Lynda, available in the Digital Library! With an absolute boatload of self-directed options, with Lynda, you can learn something new anywhere you can get an internet connection. Hard and soft skills  are available from one convenient site – punch up your PowerPoints or learn how to move smoothly through difficult customer interactions. Create a free account with your library card number today! Here are the most popular courses in East Baton Rouge this month:

  1. Customer Service Foundations
  2. Programming Foundations: Fundamentals
  3. Time Management Fundamentals
  4. Building Resilience
  5. Working with Upset Customers
  6. Writing Customer Service Emails
  7. Maya 2018 Essential Training
  8. Communication Foundations (2013)
  9. Windows 10 October 2018 Update Essential Training
  10. Data Science & Analytics Career Paths & Certifications: First Steps


Now introducing Accel5, an Ebsco database for business! With short instructional videos, articles, and business book summaries that get right to the core ideas, you can learn something new and still have time for lunch.

Videos, summaries, and articles are organized into three core competencies:

Narrow your focus:

And you’re off! Get started today with Accel5! It’s in the Digital Library, free with your EBRP library card. Go, go!

Un-Fake the News

Find real facts with library resources like CQ Researcher and Opposing Viewpoints.

CQ Researcher publishes reports on important and interesting issues – everything from self-driving cars, to domestic poverty, to the changing movie industry, and more! Reports are thoroughly fact-checked and include citation footnotes, so you know where everything comes from and why it matters. There’s even a pro/con feature to acknowledge differing interpretations of the facts. If you’re a student, check out the “Hot Topics” articles – with the additional research resources included with every article, it’s a great place to start a research project!

Opposing Viewpoints in Context, provided by Gale, is a research database for the social issues that are at the forefront of the public mind. Each topic has viewpoints, either in the form of articles from other sources with added commentary or articles created specifically for the Opposing Viewpoints collection, from both sides of the aisle. You’ll find supplementary photos, videos, and statistical analysis. It’s another great place to get a grounding in a topic that matters to you.

Both are free, as always, with your library card – and the Digital Library is always open!

Lynda for December

Gifts have been given, and it’s time to get yourself a little something – why not pick up a new skill for free with Lynda? Lynda’s online classes are self-directed, and when you’ve created a free account with your library card number, you can learn anywhere you can connect to the internet. Now offering both hard and soft skills, you can learn how to spruce up your small business’s website or become more confident in your managerial skills, all from one convenient site. Here are the most popular courses in East Baton Rouge this month:

  1. Writing Customer Service Emails
  2. Excel 2016 Essential Training
  3. Building Resilience
  4. Time Management Fundamentals
  5. Serving Customers Using Social Media
  6. Phone Based Customer Service
  7. Working with Upset Customers
  8. CISSP Cert Prep: 1 Security and Risk Management
  9. CompTIA Security+ (SYO-501) Cert Prep: 1 Threats, Attacks, and Vulnerabilities
  10. Troubleshooting Common PC Issues for Users


Have Yourself a Crafty Little Christmas

Running short on funds and time, with people still on your Christmas list? Use one of the library’s crafting resources to make something special for your special someones!

Creativebug has free video tutorials on everything from traditional painting, to fiber arts, to handmade journals! With so many options easily sorted by difficulty and approximate length of effort, Creativebug will have you done with your Christmas gift planning in two shakes of a container of glitter.

The library’s Hobbies and Crafts Reference Center draws from popular sources of patterns for crocheted and knitted works, as well as sources for recipes – so if you accidentally make something you like too much to give away, you can find a new recipe for fancy baked goods to give them, instead! They never have to know.

Already decided you’re going to make a quick scarf or hat or something, but tired of the same old patterns? OverDrive has lots of pattern books for all kinds of things! Check out a quick sample of some of the titles available now:

Popular Lynda Courses for November

Did you know Lynda offers classes in soft skills, too? This month’s popular classes are almost all about customer service. Get the tools you need to become a better manager FREE with your library card! You can find Lynda in the Digital Library, and access it from anywhere with your library card number. Here are the ten most popular classes:

  • Customer Service Foundations (2014)
  • Communication Foundations (2013)
  • Effective Listening
  • Writing Customer Service Emails
  • JavaScript Essential Training
  • Excel 2016 Essential Training
  • Time Management Fundamentals
  • Phone-Based Customer Service
  • Customer Service: Creating Customer Value
  • Photoshop CC 2018 Essential Training: The Basics


Introducing EBRPL’s latest digital resource, Creativebug!

With Creativebug, you have access to over a thousand video classes on how to do everything from knitting to party planning. There’s even a section just for kids!

Stuck in an artistic rut? Their Daily Practice playlists will send you on new creative journeys into whatever art your soul desires – jump-start your enthusiasm for a style you’re already using, or pick up some new skills! It’s all free with your library card.

You’ll find Creativebug in the Digital Library on our website. Go get creative!

Gale Courses

Lynda isn’t the only way to learn online with the library – if you want a more directed class with an experienced virtual instructor, check out Gale Courses! Each course lasts six weeks. Two lessons are released per week, and you have two weeks to finish the coursework in each lesson. Here are the ten most popular courses:

  1. Speed Spanish
  2. Introduction to Microsoft Excel 2016
  3. Accounting Fundamentals
  4. Project Management Fundamentals
  5. Medical Terminology: A Word Association Approach
  6. Explore a Career in Medical Coding
  7. Discover Sign Language
  8. Intermediate Microsoft Excel 2017
  9. A to Z Grant Writing
  10. Introduction to SQL