Literature Resource Center

Literature Resource Center is a great place to find information about literature and authors. It has full text journal articles, author biographies, timelines, and reviews about literature from around the world and throughout history. For example, you can find:

  • Several biographies of Ernest Hemingway
  • Literary analyses of A Confederacy of Dunces, with titles such as “A Confederacy of Dunces as Reverse Satire: An American Subgenre” and “Ignatius Reilly and the Concept of the Grotesque in John Kennedy Toole’s A Confederacy of Dunces
  • An article on romanticism from Encyclopedia of Literature
  • A timeline of literary events that happened in 1929

There is also a Guide to Conducting Literary Research which has articles on choosing topics, organizing a research paper, and creating a Works Cited page, among many other topics.

To access Literature Resource Center, go to the library’s database page and choose Gale Group Databases. From there choose Literature Resource Center – LRC.

OverDrive Community Reserve

OverDrive is our new eMedia platform that allows you to download ebooks, audiobooks and video to your computer, transfer them to a portable device, or burn them to a CD.

Within OverDrive’s broader collection of eMedia is a collection called OverDrive Community Reserve. Participating libraries from around the world have donated materials to this collection. They have been created for educational, informational and entertainment purposes.

OverDrive Community Reserve includes video interviews with authors called Expanded Books Interviews. There are also regional materials provided by libraries from across the country, student films, music and fiction titles — and even real estate information.  These items have many copies available for check out, so there should always be one available.

Community Reserve items are included in the regular Overdrive collection, but you can also view these titles as a group by clicking on the Community Reserve icon on our eBR eMedia page.

P4A Antiques Database

Remember that coffee table your grandparents had? The one made out of Lucite? Or maybe they had a stereo cabinet with paneled doors and metal grillwork. Or maybe you just always wanted to live in the Brady Bunch house! Modern furniture is popping up everywhere, and many people aren’t aware of how popular modern design is in the current market.

P4A Antiques database can help you identify and price those “classic” modern pieces you love. And it’s now available from you home computer if you have an EBRP Library card!

Visit our Online Databases page to explore the fabulous world of antiques and collectibles.

Famous First Facts

Want to know who invented the traffic light, or the first lawn mower? Celebrate National Inventors Month by finding the answers in Wilson Web Famous First Facts.

You can look up information on a variety of firsts in history and print or email the articles. This is a database offered by the library, and is available at all branches. Remote access is available to East Baton Rouge Parish library card holders, so it’s perfect for late night assignments or just gotta know trivia.

Check out Wilson Web Famous First Facts today.

Search The World Over For All The Latest News, Past And Present! is an index of international news stories from 1940 to the present. You can search a certain day, like your birthday or, you can search a range of dates. In addition to world news you can also find science articles through Today’s Science. Many special features are available including 2008 Election Issues, Country Profiles, maps, photos, historic documents, and obituaries.

Get the facts from both in the library and at home.

Hurricane Hotline

What is it?

The East Baton Rouge Parish Library’s Hurricane Hotline is a one-stop resource for your information needs during hurricane season.

What’s in it?

  • Hurricane Hotline has the latest topical weather advisories for the Atlantic, Caribbean, and Gulf of Mexico regions
  • Information on hurricane preparedness such as securing your home, creating an emergency supply kit, and taking care of pets.
  • Should a hurricane or tropical storm impact the Baton Rouge area, information on evacuation, shelters, closures, and re-openings will be available.
  • Hurricane Hotline has a history and science section with information for teachers and students.


May is “Get Caught Reading Month;” and here at the East Baton Rouge Parish Library we are ready to help you find that next great book. Try using our online database Novelist. Novelist is a database of fiction with access to subjects, reviews, and annotations for over 135,000 titles. In addition Novelist provides reading group guides, read- a- like recommendations, author biographies and book talks.

Novelist is updated monthly from sources such as Booklist, Kirks, School Library Journal, Library Journal and Publishers Weekly. Over 9,000 titles are added to Novelist annually, including descriptions when available.

You can browse through your favorite genres, or search for a specific title or author. If you enjoyed a particular book, look up other similar books. Novelist offers titles for adults, young adults, and children.

Find that next great read with Novelist (accessible through our Online Databases).

Baton Rouge All That’s Jazz

Baton Rouge:  All That’s Jazz

Baton Rouge: All That’s Jazz  is our new 6 month series on the history of jazz and jazz in Baton Rouge.  This exciting series will provide monthly jazz documentary films and discussions, live jazz performances and DJ’d listening sessions. We will have two scholars well versed in jazz history to lead the film viewing and discussions. Our live performances will feature traditional jazz, big band, bebop and latin jazz forms. Local musicians, music writers and jazz radio personalities will share the jazz recordings that most influenced them in our listening sessions, “My Favorite” Things.”

Join us for all these great programs and support America’s music — Jazz! – Free Online Storage—Free Online File Storage!

Ever visit your library to type a resume or complete an online job application, only to realize that you forgot your jump drive (or floppy)? When you are in a pinch, and need a quick, secure way to save your work, consider trying offers 1GB1 Free Online File Storage. Just put all of your files and folders in and you’ll have access to them wherever you go! Whether you want to move files among multiple computers or share documents and photos with friends and colleagues, is for you.  Do you blog or use MySpace? allows you to create a widget2 that you can post directly onto your blog or MySpace account.

Free account set up takes less than a minute. For complete functionality, recommends using the latest version of Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera or Safari. By registering for a account, you must agree to their terms of service.

1A gigabyte is 1000 megabytes, or 1,073,741,824 characters and is roughly equivalent to a thousand novels.

2A widget is short for window gadget, or the display ‘box’ that displays your selected audio, photo, or document files. World News Digest is a combination news digest, almanac and encyclopedia that is very useful for finding information about significant world and national news events. Not only is it easily searchable and full text – it regularly provides special coverage of key or controversial issues. Maps and images are included as are news editorials and primary source documents.

Use this database for newspaper and news magazine stories (national and international), geographical information, and for current or historical overviews of major world events.