We Now Subscribe to Credo Reference!

Credo Reference is an incredible database that we now subscribe to at the library. The database is a compilation of nearly 400 reference titles into one searchable source, with over 3 million entries! So many subjects are covered; this is a great place to find answers to general questions and for deeper research. 

Credo Reference

A unique feature of Credo Reference is the gadgets. You can use them to search within different contexts including people and places; convert weights and measures and there is even a gadget for answering crosswords! (No Cheating!)

State Department Online Videos

State Department

If you didn’t get enough of Hillary Clinton during the presidential race, you don’t have to suffer any longer. The Department of State has added a lot more video content and it’s all about Hillary. Hillary in Brussels. Hillary in Russia. Hillary in Palestine.

But there’s also a lot of information on this site that’s not about Hillary. Find out how to get a passport; how to do business overseas; how to apply for a Fulbright grant… The State Department’s site is a great starting place for international information.

We Now Subscribe to Footnote!

We are excited to announce that the library has added Footnote to our collection of database resources. Footnote is an absolute must for history buffs and makes for fascinating reading, created in partnership with the National Archives.

Footnote is an excellent resource offering one of the most unique collections of original historical documents and materials online. In many cases what you find here is unavailable anywhere else. 

Some of the highlights include:

The Internet’s largest World War II interactive collection.

The FBI collection of over 2 million documents.

Civil War Pension Files. 

You can access Footnote from home through our online database page.  Inside the library you can go straight to Footnote.com and you’ll be automatically logged in.  The library subscription means you get access to more features and premium images not available in the free web version.

Footnote also allows you to contribute to the site by uploading pictures, adding comments and stories. Share in the history and take a look today!

Study Guides Online!

Study Guides all Checked out? You’ve GOT to study for the GRE but you can’t find a study guide on the shelf at the library — and you don’t have $30 to buy one. What to do?!?!

Overdrive is the answer!

There are currently 36 study guide titles in Overdrive’s study aids & workbooks category including:
Citizenship Test

These books are in Adobe pdf format. You can download them to your computer and print out pages if you need to take a practice test. When you’re through studying, you can return them to Overdrive before the 21 day checkout period is over.

Frontline: Inside the Meltdown


If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the US financial crisis, you’re not alone.  The economic situation is on everyone’s minds right now, and on this site, Public Broadcasting offers a provocative and thoughtful look into how it all happened.

Here, you can watch the full Inside the Meltdown program and then explore the site to check out the “Interviews”, “Timeline”, and “Analysis” sections — and you can view an interactive timeline of events related to the meltdown. You can also chime in with your thoughts via the “Join the Discussion” area.

Text Message Reference Available

We now have text message reference!  Don’t worry that you’re in a meeting or that you can’t get to your computer.  If your phone is text-capable, simply text the Library at 66746 and start your question with “eref.”

For example:

“eref What are the library hours on Saturday? “  Or
“eref Who are the US senators from Louisiana?”  Or
“eref what is silly putty made of?”

The Reference staff will text back your answer.
Standard message rates apply.

Anime and Manga @ the Library

The Young Adult Department has a great selection of some of the latest and most popular Anime (Japanese Animation) and Manga (Japanese Graphic Novels). You can also keep up with what’s new with the genre by reading the magazines we subscribe to such as Anime Insider, Shojo Beat, and Shonen Jump.

Some of the highlights of the Manga collection include Bleach, Naruto, Vampire Knight and the complete series of Death Note.

Popular DVDs include Cowboy Bebop, Code Geass, Full Metal Alchemist and Outlaw Star.

If we don’t have your favorite Anime or Manga, you can request we purchase it here.

Not sure what to read or watch? Call the Young Adult Department at 231-3770 for suggestions!

TV Shows on DVD

Did you know there are lots of TV shows on DVD available at the library? This popular part of the collection has something for everyone and new titles are always being added.

These include recent dramatic hits Lost, Battlestar Galactica, Nip/Tuck and House MD.

Comedy series  Scrubs, The Office, Aqua Teen Hunger Force and Extras.

Classic series  Starsky and Hutch, Thundercats and Wings.

British series including Doctor Who, Absolutely Fabulous, and Inspector Morse.

Remember if an item is checked out it’s simple to put yourself on the waiting list through our catalog or by calling 225-231-3750. Then you’ll be notified when it is ready for you to pick up!

Social Networking for Business

Small business entrepreneurs can take advantage of social networking sites such as FaceBook, MySpace and YouTube, to advertise, market, and promote a business.

Try some of these ebook titles from our Safari Books Online database.

Facebook Marketing: Leverage Social Media to Grow Your Business
by Steven Holzner

Marketing to the Social Web: How Digital Customer Communities Build Your Business
by Larry Weber

MySpace® Marketing: Creating a Social Network to Boom Your Business
by Sean Percival

YouTube® for Business: Online Video Marketing for Any Business
by Michael Miller

The East Baton Rouge Parish Library subscribes to the complete Safari Tech Books Online catalog. The entire collection is available to registered patrons of the library 24/7–no waiting lists, no worries about returns. Follow the Safari Tech Books link from our Online Databases

Green Home Guide


You know you want to make green improvements to your home but you’re not sure how to choose the right appliances and materials. Well, the Green Home Guide is a great place to start.

Use this site to find out about green options in paints, kitchen materials, bathroom fixtures, appliances and more. They cover all the options. You can even ask a professional about your concerns.

Check out the Green Home Guide and get a great start on improving your home and your environment.