Fantasy Book Club

Good morning, campers. If the daily grind is getting you down, please come with us on a variety of magical journeys. We’re speaking, of course, of the nearly-brand-new Fantasy Book Club at the Greenwell Springs Branch.

Watership flyer

You can find Watership Down all over the place, like in our online catalog. It’s a great book. We have it on good authority that if you read it and then go to book club, there will be snacks. Enjoy!

Brain HQ

Do you like games? Do you like competing against yourself? Do you also like personal growth and development, with bonus statistical metrics that will help you measure up against other people in your demographic? Join up with Brain HQ and literally expand your mind.


light up your brain hq

If you’ve heard of Luminosity, it’s kind of like that. Brain HQ has lots of different kinds of challenges to help you work on the things that most interest you. Games focus on the six core cognitive areas: Attention, Brain Speed, Memory, People Skills, Intelligence and Navigation. Most games will combine these areas in different ways, and there are a total of 27 games with over 840 combined levels.

After you’ve signed on and set up an account (which will be used to track your progress), Brain HQ will develop an optional personalized training routine that you can work through each day (or however often) to move through the levels and train your brain. You can also just play the games you like the best as much as you want.

brain hq

Brain HQ! We’ve been playing it at the library, and we love it. If you can’t trust a bunch of librarians to recommend educational games, who can you trust?

Oral History at Eden Park

Calling all Baton Rouge natives – if you’ve lived in the neighborhoods around the Eden Park Branch of the library, then we want to hear from you.

Eden Park is running an oral history program to capture some of our local history. If you remember the opening of the Gus Young Pool or when Gus Young Drive got its name, we’d love to hear about it! Just call branch manager Leila Reilly at (225) 231-3280 for more information or to schedule an interview.

Oral histories can be as long or as brief as the participants want; you can tell us everything you remember, or keep it to just a few events. Anything you know about the growth and development of the Eden Park community will be preserved so it can be shared with future generations.

Check out the Baton Rouge Room’s Digital Archives for examples of some of the library’s other oral history projects!

Wireless Printing!

Welcome to a beautiful new era! You can print documents from your laptop or smartphone at the library now!


It’s a skosh complicated, so bear with us. From your laptop, you can go to the PrinterOn page and scroll down to the bottom to find a public printing location. Navigate through to the locations in Baton Rouge (or Baker, Pride, or Zachary), and choose your nearest library branch. Then you just have to upload the file or copy in the link of the file or webpage you want printed, and add your email address so that you know how to recover your document at the library’s printing station.

There’s also an app you can download if you want to print documents or websites from your mobile device – search the app store, Google Play, or whatever secret third option you use for “PrinterOn” (“PrinterOn AirWatch” is something slightly different, so ignore that one). From the app, you can search for a specific location by tapping the magnifying glass icon. Select a printer at that branch, and enter the usual information.

The mobile options look like this!

Check out the Mobile Printing infoguide for more information, like links to each branch’s PrinterOn page!

Small Engine Repair Reference Center

The Small Engine Repair Reference Center is a great resource for people who want to keep things running smoothly (we like puns). It’s got reference materials in eight categories:

2016-01-04 15_08_15-Basic Search_ Small Engine Repair Reference Center Home - Internet Explorer…and in every category, you can find manufacturer-specific information:

2016-01-04 15_09_32-Basic Search_ Small Engine Repair Reference Center Home - Internet Explorer

This is only some of them; the options went on for quite a while. (We picked motorcycles as the example because they’re the coolest.)

You can choose a model by clicking on the manufacturer’s name. That takes you from zero to clearly labeled instructional diagrams in just three clicks. (The extended metaphors are better with motorcycles, too. That would never have worked with a topic like “Generators.”)

2016-01-05 14_30_16-HARLEY-DAVIDSON - HARLEY-DAVIDSON 1200CC 1965 AND EARLIER._ Small Engine Repair
Cool Rider (is a song from the hit 1982 musical sequel, Grease 2)

Between this and our Auto Repair Reference Center, you’ll be an amateur mechanic in no time.

Modifications like this should still be left to the professionals.


Teen Health and Wellness

Teens, cheTeen Health and Wellness-2ck out Teen Health and Wellness, a great database for all your health questions. It’s been revamped and now you can browse by subject (such as Family Life; Friendship and Dating; and Mind, Mood, and Emotions) and get informed on all the topics in which you might be interested! There are also links to hotlines and local and national resources if you’re struggling with something. It’s all free of course – check it out from our Teen Databases page in our Digital Library. Call 231-3770 for more information.

Teen Health and Wellness

Treehouse Is Back!

Treehouse is available in our Digital Library again! In order to use this fantastic training resource, simply complete the form located under Treehouse in our Digital Library. If you used Treehouse through EBRPL in the past, you’ll still need to set up an account in the new system. Please contact 231-3750 or your local branch if you have any questions.

Find My Past: New Genealogy Resource

We are happy to announce a new resource for genealogy research, Find My Past. This is a database of family history records from the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand. Also, you can search newspapers from the United States, Great Britain, Ireland, and other parts of the world. You can even create a free account and keep track of the records you find and add them to your family tree. Another valuable resource available from Find My Past is the current version of the PERSI Index from the Allen County Public Library. This periodicals index has over 2.5 million entries from thousands of historical, genealogical, and ethnic publications and can help you find information about people and places. Most of PERSI’s articles are from periodicals covering the United States and Canada, but you can also find thousands of genealogy and local history entries (in both English and French) from Britain, Ireland, and Australia.

Full access to Find My Past is only available at the Main Library. However, you can perform a search and view other tools on the site from home. Visit  Find MyPast Free Resources for more information. And don’t hesitate to call the Genealogy Room at 225-231-3751 for research help.

find my past