Whiz Bang

Teens who like science and maybe making a little bit of a mess should go to the Delmont Gardens Branch this Wednesday, July 25th, at 4PM. You’ll get to experiment with chemistry and watch things pop! This is the finale of summer STEAM Wednesdays, and it’ll be great, so don’t miss out!

Summer Reading Parties Start Monday!

Has your child signed up for summer reading? Summer reading parties start this Monday! Check the list below for the celebration at your local branch:

  • Central Branch –  Monday, July 23rd, 10AM
  • Bluebonnet Regional Branch – Monday, July 23rd, 6:30PM
  • Carver Branch – Tuesday, July 24th, 10AM
  • Fairwood Branch – Wednesday, July 25th, 10AM
  • Zachary Branch – Wednesday, July 25th, 10AM
  • Jones Creek Regional Branch – Wednesday, July 25th, 6:30PM
  • Delmont Gardens Branch – Thursday, July 26th, 10AM
  • Eden Park Branch – Thursday, July 26th, 3PM
  • Scotlandville Branch – Monday, July 30th, 10AM
  • Greenwell Springs Road Regional Branch – Monday, July 30th, 6:30PM
  • Baker Branch – Tuesday, July 31st, 10AM
  • Pride-Chaneyville Branch – Tuesday, July 31st, 3PM
  • Main Library on Goodwood – Wednesday, August 1st, 10AM

Teens can celebrate, too! The teen summer reading party schedule is as follows:

  • Fairwood Branch – Tuesday, July 24th, 3:30PM
  • Greenwell Springs Road Regional Branch – Saturday, July 28th, 3PM
  • Baker Branch – Monday, July 30th, 2PM
  • Eden Park Branch – Monday, July 30th, 3PM
  • Pride-Chaneyville Branch – Monday, July 30th, 4PM
  • River Center Branch – Tuesday, July 31st, 1:30PM
  • Delmont Gardens Branch – Tuesday, July 31st, 2:30PM
  • Jones Creek Regional Branch – Tuesday, July 31st, 2:30PM
  • Bluebonnet Regional Branch – Tuesday, July 31st, 4PM
  • Main Library on Goodwood – Wednesday, August 1st, 12PM
  • Zachary Branch – Tuesday, August 7th, 6PM

Not finished with your reading logs? No problem! Finished reading logs can be turned in until August 15th to win prizes and an entry into the big prize drawing! Keep reading, Baton Rouge!

Intro to Arduino for Teens

Hey, teens! Do you like robots? Have you ever wanted to build your very own tiny robot? Sure you have! Learning how to build and program with Arduino gets you one step closer to the world’s first real-life Iron Man. Come to the Delmont Gardens Branch this Wednesday, June 20th, at 4 PM to learn more about Arduino, and get closer to building a biosphere on Mars! (It could happen!)

If you get really into it, or you want to brush up on your skills before you go, check out some of the library’s resources on teaching yourself programming:

Summer Reading 2018!

Summertime is FUN time! Your East Baton Rouge Parish Library has planned a Summer Reading Program for every age group, so the whole family can participate.

Parents and guardians can pick up registration materials for kids ages 0-11 in the Children’s Room at any library location starting Tuesday, May 29, through Tuesday, July 31. Children who reach their reading goals or read at least five books by Wednesday, August 15, will receive a reading certificate, a FREE book, and other cool prizes, plus have their name entered into a drawing for a $50 gift certificate!

Summer reading keeps your brain working, and can help you get ready for college and even your future career! It also helps you prepare for the reading comprehension portions included in most standardized tests. Teens going into grades 6-12 can sign up in the teen section at any branch and pick up their reading log starting Tuesday, May 22nd. To complete the program, read any six regular books, or 18 graphic novels, by Wednesday, August 15th, and you’ll receive six Library Bucks (good for paying off fines!), a drawstring backpack and a pair of earbuds! Plus, if you keep reading, you’ll be entered into the weekly prize drawing. Every three regular books or nine graphic novels you read gets you an entry into the drawing for cool prizes like autographed books, virtual reality headsets and more! Read as much as you can, because the top reader across East Baton Rouge Parish will receive a Kindle Fire Tablet bundle!

Why should kids and teens have all the fun this summer? We’ve got a Summer Reading Program designed just for adults ages 18 and older that will get your pages turning! Adults are asked to read three books starting Friday, June 1, and can pick up a log through Tuesday, July 31. Each reader has until Wednesday, August 15, to submit their list of completed books in order to receive a summer prize pack. For more information about the 2018 Summer Reading Program for all ages, contact your Library location directly, or visit us online.


Poetry Out Loud

Support Louisiana teens and foster a love for poetry by attending the 2018 Louisiana state finals of Poetry Out Loud!

High school students representing every region in the state will compete in the 2018 Poetry Out Loud State Competition on March 3, 2018.

Poetry Out Loud is a national, high school poetry recitation competition developed by the Poetry Foundation. Through generous support from the National Endowment for the Arts, the program is free to all students and encourages them to learn about great poetry through memorization and recitation.

The mission of the Arts Council of Greater Baton Rouge is to foster the creative capacity and vibrancy of the capital region through advocacy, resources, and education. The Arts Council administers the Poetry Out Loud program on behalf of the Louisiana Division of the Arts, and promotes the Poetry Out Loud competition to high school students in its 11-parish region and re-grants funds to regions across the state in order to facilitate the program in their areas.

Participation helps students master public speaking skills, build self- confidence, and learn about their literary heritage. Participation also increases student engagement in literature classes, provides non-academic scholarship opportunities for students, and creates statewide cultural connections for schools.

The competition will be held at the Capitol Park Museum at 12:00 PM and is free and open to the public. Justine Haka, program assistant for the Poetry Foundation, will be the keynote speaker.

DIY Gifts at the Library

The holidays are a wonderful time of year to let the people in your life know what you mean to them. If you’re broke as a joke, or at least as broke as a witty comment, come to one of the library’s truly excellent craft programs and leave with something handmade for that special someone. Here is a convenient list of what’s coming up before the end of the year!


  • Morse Code Jewelry, December 20th, 3-4 PM – Teens, come to Bluebonnet to make an awesome bracelet or necklace using morse code to spell out a special message! Keychains can also be made. All materials will be provided.

Carver Branch

  • Crafty Christmas, December 19th-December 23rd, 4-5 PM – Teens can come any day or every day to make a new Christmas craft from ornaments to wrapping paper. Materials will be provided.
  • Rocky and Rita Reindeer, December 27th, 10 AM-1 PM – Children can make their own Rocky or Rita Reindeer to use for holiday decorating. Materials will be provided while supplies last.

Central Branch

  • Silly Santa Make and Take, December 19th-December 22nd, all day (while supplies last) – Children can celebrate the upcoming holidays by making crafts where silly Santa Clauses are popping out of chimneys feet first! Ages 3 and up.

Delmont Gardens Branch

  • Burlap Rudolph Ornament Storycraft, December 20th, 4-5 PM – Children ages 8-11 will read “The Animals’ Santa” by Jan Brett and make burlap Rudolph ornaments. Limited to 12 children. Preregistration required; please call (225) 354-7060 to register.
  • 20somethings Holiday Felties, December 21st, 5-7 PM – 20somethings will make weirdly adorable Christmas tree felties.
  • Charlie Brown-themed Christmas Wreath Storycraft, December 22nd, 10-11 AM – Children read “A Charlie Brown Christmas” by Charles Schulz and then make a Charlie Brown-themed Christmas wreath.  Limited to 12 children, ages 5-9.  Preregistration required; please call (225) 354-7060.
  • New Year’s Eve Noisemaker Storycraft, December 30th, 10-11 AM – Children will read “Frog and Friends Celebrate Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve” by Eve Bunting and make a New Year’s Eve noisemaker. Preregistration required; please call (225) 354-7060.  Limited to 10 children, ages 8-11.

Eden Park Branch

  • Mindful Crafts and Meditation, December 20th and 27th, 5:30-6:30 PM –Adults are welcome to join us for a craft that increases awareness, inner peace and mindfulness. Examples include creating mandalas, prayer flags, or aromatherapy.
  • Holiday Ornaments, December 21st, 5:30-6:30 PM – Adults and 20somethings will make some beautifully unique holiday ornaments using yarn and plastic canvas.
  • Holiday Cake Balls, December 22nd, 3:30-4:30 PM – Teens will make some yummy, no-bake cake balls.

Fairwood Branch

  • Christmas Stocking Storycraft, December 17th, 11 AM-12 PM – Children will listen to the classic How the Grinch Stole Christmas! by Dr. Seuss. Then the children will decorate a stocking made out of felt. They can hang up their unique stocking just in time for Christmas. For ages 4-11. Please register by calling (225) 924-9386.

Jones Creek Branch

  • DIY Sugar Scrubs, December 22nd, 3-4 PM – Teens, learn how to make your own luxurious sugar scrubs to use as a gift or to keep for yourself!
  • Countdown to New Year’s Make and Take, December 28th, 1-4 PM – Children can stop by anytime between 1:00 and 4:00 PM to make an adorable New Year’s paper plate clock, which will be wearing a festive party hat!  All ages.

Main Library

  • Ugly Holiday Sweaters for 20somethings, December 17th, 1-3 PM – 20somethings should bring their poor, un-decorated sweatshirts to cover them with various tacky objects. Also, snacks! The snacks are for eating, not for putting on the sweaters.
  • Santa and Snowman Make and Take, December 19th, 10 AM-4 PM – Children will be able to choose whether they would like to make a Santa or a Snowman. For children ages 3 to 11. All children under the age of 9 must be accompanied by an adult. Sorry, no groups.
  • Holiday Ornaments, December 22nd, 2:30-3:15 PM – Children will sing Christmas carols and make holiday ornaments to take home. All children under the age of 9 must be accompanied by an adult.  For children ages 5 to 7.  Registration is required (call (225) 231-2740) and limited to 10 children.  Sorry, no groups.

Pride-Chaneyville Branch

  • Corn Husk Angels, December 14th (today!), 4-5 PM – Teens can come to Pride-Chaneyville Branch Library and make the perfect addition to your holiday tree or to dress-up that special gift for Mom.  We’ll be making angels out of real corn husks, yarn, and felt.

River Center Branch

  • Christmas Ornaments Make-and-Take, December 14th-17th, 10 AM-4 PM (while supplies last) – Children can make their own Christmas Tree ornaments at River Center Branch Library using pipe cleaners and beads.  Bring your imagination to craft candy canes, wreaths, and more!   Children 6 and up.  Groups must register.  For more information and to register, call 389-4959.

Zachary Branch

  • Trim-a-Tree Make and Take, December 19th-23rd, 10 AM-4 PM (while supplies last) – Children can design their own Christmas Tree with construction paper, pom-poms and stickers. Ages 3-11. No registration required.
  • Pretty Paper Ornaments, December 22nd, 4-5:30 PM – Teens, come by the Zachary Branch Library and make a variety of pretty paper Christmas ornaments, like woven paper snowflakes, origami orbs and more!  All supplies will be provided.
It’ll be beautiful, no matter what!

Scratch for Teens

Scratch is a free program created by MIT to teach teenagers and young people the basics of computer coding. You can create your own interactive, animated stories and games, and get feedback from other members of the Scratch community.

2016-01-08 11_28_54-Scratch - Imagine, Program, Share
Instructive and adorable.

Ten teens (say THAT three times fast!) can come to the Bluebonnet Regional Branch on Thursday, October 6th, from 3-5 PM, where the friendly neighborhood librarians will have laptops and the program set up for you to test drive.

You can complete the required registration by calling the Bluebonnet Regional Library at 763-2270.

And after you’ve done that, and it’s whetted your appetite for programming languages, get yourself signed up with a Treehouse account and learn all kinds of code! (You should also check out Lynda.)

Technology advances at an exponential rate. Grab the expanding end of that growth curve and hang on – and with programs like Scratch, have fun doing it!

Introduction to Scratch

“What’s Scratch,” you ask? “Why would I want to be introduced to a verb?”

Silly patrons. Scratch is a free program created by MIT to teach teenagers and young people the basics of computer coding. You can create your own interactive, animated stories and games, and get feedback from other members of the Scratch community.

2016-01-08 11_28_54-Scratch - Imagine, Program, Share
Instructive and adorable.

Teens can come to the Greenwell Springs Regional Branch on Saturday, January 23rd, from 2-4, where the friendly neighborhood librarians will have laptops and the program set up for you to test drive.

And after you’ve done that, and it’s whetted your appetite for programming languages, get yourself signed up with a Treehouse account and learn all kinds of code!

One day computers will be able to make us sandwiches and do our chores for us, but only if we have the courage to dream, and the wisdom to learn how to tell them what to do. I want to go there. To the better-place world.

It’s the Final Countdown

Tomorrow is your last chance to exercise your civic right to vote. Not, you know, ever, but for possibly the entire rest of October, so it’s still kind of a big deal! Let us catch you up on the final info you might be missing before you take yourself to your local polling place to let your voice be heard.



Still not quite sure where your polling place is? The Voter Portal is up on the Secretary of State’s website basically all the time, and you can put in your name and birth date or zip code OR your address and it’ll tell you where you’re supposed to be. They’ve also got a sample ballot you can print out, fill in, and bring with you to the polls if you want your notes with you.

PAR Louisiana has a great guide on the proposed amendments to our state’s constitution that breaks down what a vote for or against each change would mean, and how a change would affect the laws that are already in place.


If you’d like more information on each of the candidates for governor, well, let us look that up for you:

  1. Scott A. Angelle
  2. Beryl Billiot
  3. “Jay” Dardenne
  4. Cary Deaton
  5. John Bel Edwards
  6. Jeremy “JW” Odom
  7. Eric Paul Orgeron
  8. S L Simpson
  9. David Vitter

To learn more about the library’s presence on the ballot, please refer to the Dedicated Library Tax Millage FAQ posted on our website – and if you want even more information than that, call your friendly neighborhood librarians at (225) 231-3750! We’re always here, and if we aren’t, we will be soon. MUAHAHAHAH–what? It’s Halloween, it’s fine.

Always remember: We are your library system, fourteen branches and countless librarians strong, and we love you. Now get out there and contribute to society!