Baton Rouge US Flag Retirement Program

Mayor-President Sharon Weston Broome is proud to announce the establishment of City-Parish United States Flag Retirement Box Locations across Baton Rouge and East Baton Rouge Parish. These specially designated boxes will provide the community with a convenient and respectful way to retire worn American Flags, in accordance with the United States Flag Code.

The program was established by the Mayor’s Advisory Council on Veterans Affairs, which recognizes the importance of upholding the traditions and respect associated with the American flag. The council is committed to ensuring that all flags receive a dignified retirement.

The following East Baton Rouge Parish Library branches will host these Flag Retirement Boxes:

  • Main Library at Goodwood
  • Baker Branch Library
  • Bluebonnet Regional Branch Library
  • Central Branch Library
  • Jones Creek Regional Branch Library
  • Zachary Branch Library

For more information on this initiative, please email Thank you to the Department of Buildings and Grounds for constructing the Flag boxes.

GIS Day – November 15

The City-Parish of Baton Rouge and the East Baton Rouge Parish Library are hosting GIS Day Baton Rouge at the River Center Branch on Wednesday, November 15, 6-8:30 p.m. GIS stands for geographic information systems. Presentation topics will include: LA DOTD Enterprise GIS Program, Using GIS to Manage Wildlife at LDWF, and Marking 30 Years of EBRGIS. Refreshments will be served. To register and learn more, please visit here.


Homeschool Resource Class

Does your family homeschool? If so, join us at the Jones Creek Regional Branch on Friday, November 3 at 10:30 a.m. to find out how the Library can be a useful tool in your homeschooling journey. We will share about valuable digital resources, research tools, lesson plans, printables, and much more! Registration is required. To register, call 756-1160. Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to learn about services the library has waiting for you!

AI Deep Dive: Find These Resources in the Digital Library

LinkedIn Learning offers on-demand courses including these titles:

  • AI Trends
  • GPT-4: The New GPT Release and What You Need to Know
  • Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
  • LinkedIn’s AI Academy (Learning Path)
  • Ya Xu: How to Turn AI from a Buzz Word to a Business Tool

Gale Presents: Udemy on-demand courses include these titles:

  • AI for Business Leaders
  • ChatGPT Marketing: Create Complete Campaigns with ChatGPT AI
  • Chat GPT: Complete Chat GPT Course for Work 2023
  • The Complete Artificial Intelligence and ChatGPT Course
  • How to use Artificial Intelligence: A Guide for Everyone!
  • Machine Learning for Absolute Beginners

O’Reilly has these eBooks and video content titles available:

  • Artificial Intelligence Business: How you can profit from AI
  • Artificial Intelligence for Dummies
  • Artificial Intelligence Foundations
  • ChatGPT: Possibilities and Pitfalls (Video)

Treehouse offers practical coding and web design workshops including these AI titles:

  • ChatGPT for Designers
  • ChatGPT Plugins
  • Everyday Innovation: Leveraging ChatGPT in Our Daily Lives

Statista provides reports, statistics and insights on topics:

  • Artificial Intelligence 2023 Report
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) deployment status in organizations in the United States in 2022
  • Market size and revenue comparison for artificial intelligence worldwide from 2018 to 2030
  • Primary artificial intelligence (AI) capability adaption rate in business globally in 2022

Libby has titles on AI including these:

  • Four Battlegrounds: Power in the Age of Artificial Intelligence by Paul Scharre
  • Human Compatible: Artificial Intelligence and the Problem of Control by Stuart Russell
  • I, Human: AI, Automation, and the Quest to Reclaim What Makes Us Unique by Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic
  • Robot-Proof: Higher Education in the Age of Artificial Intelligence by Joseph Aoun

We Were Fans Official Premiere

Join host Todd Graves for the official premiere of Drew Tewell’s film, We Were Fans, a short documentary on “Pistol” Pete Maravich featuring Maravich author John Musemeche. This anticipated event will take place at the Manship Theatre on Friday, October 13 at 7:30 p.m. Following the viewing of the film, there will be a special Q & A with John Musemeche, Drew Tewell, and Todd Graves. Tickets are available now here. The premiere is presented by Louisiana Entertainment, a Division of Louisiana Economic Development.

FREE Saturday Tutoring


The Baton Rouge Magnet High School Beta Club will be offering FREE tutoring services each Saturday in October, 9:30-10:30 a.m., at the Main Library at Goodwood! Beta members will offer help elementary, middle, and high school students. See subjects offered below. Only 60 spots are available each Saturday. Registration is required. Register online here or call 231-3770.

  • Elementary students: English, Math, Science, and Reading
  • Middle Schoolers (6th-8th grade): English, Math, and Science
  • High Schoolers: English, Math (9th-Calculus), and Science
  • Upon advanced request, they will provide tutoring in French, Spanish, and Latin

Food for Fines 2022

It’s that time of year again! If you have some late fines you’d like to take care of, you can clear them out by bringing non-perishable food items to any branch of the East Baton Rouge Parish Library. One dollar of late fines will be waived for each donated item, and all donations go to the Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank. The program starts December 1st and ends when the year ends on New Year’s Eve. Helping the food bank AND helping yourself to free access to all of the library’s great resources? What a fantastic way to end the year!

Money Moves Baton Rouge

Money Moves Baton Rouge is a free financial literacy conference for families in Baton Rouge who want to learn the financial management skills that will set them up for success. Speakers will include Paul Maassen, president and general manager of WRKF; Stephanie Riegel, host of “Out to Lunch” Baton Rouge and business reporter for the Times Picayune/Advocate; and Peter Ricchiuti, senior finance professor at the A. B. Freeman School of Business at Tulane University.

The conference will be held on November 12th at Baton Rouge Community College’s Magnolia Library and Performing Arts Pavilion, with day-of registration beginning at 8:30am. Topics range from planning for retirement to protecting yourself from identity theft and much more. For more information and to register in advance, please visit 

Business Person of the Month: Shay Joseph of Twist’d Popkorn

BUSINESS PERSON OF THE MONTH: Shay Joseph of Twist’d Popkorn


Instagram: @twistdpopkorn

Although Shay Joseph officially started Twist’d Popkorn in 2021, this was far from her first foray into entrepreneurship. Joseph has explored many business ventures in her quest to find her niche. In 2018 she started making popcorn as an add-on to her existing custom party favor and t-shirt business. She learned about infusing popcorn from a crafting group on Facebook and took a class on how to make it. For those not familiar with this particular confection, infusing popcorn is similar to making caramel corn or candy apples. Popcorn is covered with a mixture of sugar and corn syrup (and alcohol for the adult varities), then baked.

In May 2019, Joseph held her first pop-up sale at End Zone in Baton Rouge. From there the popcorn business was off and running. She created an LLC and in 2020, introduced kid-friendly popcorn. Soon her house was “swamped with popcorn containers” and Joseph knew that she needed more space for her growing business. While she wanted a dedicated space for her business, she also wanted to be close to home for her two daughters. As a compromise, Joseph bought a building for her backyard where she could set up her popcorn business without having to travel or be away from her kids. Impressively, she reached out to Gold Medal (a company that specializes in popcorn), did a walkthrough of their facility, and purchased commercial equipment to put in her building. With all these pieces in place, Joseph was ready to take the Baton Rouge business community by storm with Twist’d Popkorn.

Joseph recalls having an entrepreneurial spirit even as a kid and after working a lot of different jobs, she realized she “was never satisfied unless I was working for myself.” So, when discussing the pros of running her own business, she doesn’t hesitate to reveal that she loves “being the owner, making the rules and not having to answer to anyone but myself.”

Conversely, Joseph admits that she’s a procrastinator and that “the ins and out of running a business” including things like doing taxes can be challenging. She also had to “realize the difference between a hustle and a business.” At first popcorn was just a hustle, meaning she wasn’t keeping track of how much money she made and generally wasn’t taking it seriously. But when she recognized “what I had on my hands; that I could really do this and it could be a profitable business,” it went from a hustle to an actual business.

Joseph’s years of experience have taught her a lot of lessons that she is happy to pass on to others. A top priority should be “getting your LLC and being registered so your work won’t be in vain.” She regrets not creating a website sooner. Doing so gives customers a single point of contact for the business, rather than the hassle of receiving phone calls and messages via social media. She urges folks to not give up and stresses that “Consistency is key. If you’re not consistent, you won’t see results.” Joseph has learned that social media can be misleading for new entrepreneurs because “People only post the good, never the bad. They post that they are making good money, but not that it took five years to get there.”

While social media has its pitfalls, it has also been an invaluable tool for Joseph’s business. In particular, she says “Instagram has been an amazing outlet” allowing her to meet people and make connections that she would not have encountered otherwise. Offline, she networks while selling popcorn at pop-ups, The Grind (a sports bar and gastropub in Baton Rouge), farmers’ markets in Hammond and she jokes “anywhere that will have me.” While, Joseph eventually wants to have a storefront, she’s not in a rush. She notes that costly overhead is one of the reasons popcorn businesses in Baton Rouge don’t tend to last for long. So, for now she is working on getting Twist’d Popkorn into stores.

Joseph’s busy schedule includes working a fulltime job, running Twist’d Popkorn, and raising a teen and a toddler, which doesn’t leave her with much spare time. She laments that she is not as involved in the local community as she would like to be, but hopes to change that, including making more visits to the library (she and her daughters love to read!).

With Twist’d Popkorn, Joseph puts “different twists on popcorn” with both the adult and kid-friendly flavors. Her goal is “to make it fun, not just fun for kids but also for adults to bring them back to the fun popcorn of their childhood.”

Order Twist’d Popkorn for your summer gatherings today!

Article by Karla Stewart