Mid City Micro Con – Virtual Cosplay Competition

Just because this year’s Mid City Micro-Con is taking place online, you think you have to give up cosplay? NEVER. All you have to do is fill out this Google form (if you have a Google account) or email your pictures and/or video, and answers to the following questions, to midcitymicrocon@gmail.com.

*Required Answers

  1. *Name:
  2. *Email address:
  3. *Age:
  4. Phone number:
  5. How do you prefer to be contacted?
    • Email
    • Phone
    • Text
  6. Primary Category:
    • Kids (10 & under)
    • Teens (11-18)
    • Adults (19 & over)
    • Group
  7. *Character Name(s):
  8. Source/Series of Origin or Name of Original Design (name of show, comic, anime, etc.):
  9. Please submit a brief statement about your cosplay process that the judges can read aloud if you win. You can talk about why you picked that character, how you put the costume together, what you like about comics and cosplay, or whatever else you’d like people to know.
  10. *How did you hear about the Mid City Micro-Con?
  11. Please attach any photos or videos to this email or provide a link to your files below.

Participants for this contest do not have to meet a certain percentage of craftsmanship to enter. However, crafted costumes, props, etc. are highly encouraged. Judging is done on a first-come/serve basis. Winners will be notified the day of the competition as part of a YouTube Live video. All are encouraged to submit a video or written statement about their character choice and costume to be included in that session if they win. If you do not include both answers to all required questions and images or video of your cosplay, your entry will not be judged.

Applications are open until Friday, August 28th, at 6PM. We’ll announce the winners with judges Lady Luna Loveless, Ninja Yoyo, and Gamma Rae Cosplay at the end of the con on Saturday, August 29th – you can find the schedule on our infoguide. Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Summer Reading Wrap-Up

If you haven’t signed up for summer reading, you have just one more week to do so and turn in your completed paperwork! This year’s summer reading program will end on August 15th.

But don’t worry – you can do it all online! Our traditional summer reading program, which relied on paper logs, regular visits to the library, and attendance at library programs, was impacted by the ongoing disruption due to COVID-19, and we needed to offer something that could work from a distance… Powered by Beanstack, our new program hosting software, there are 7 Summer Reading Challenges for all ages. It’s easy! Just read and complete activities to earn badges. Each challenge (except Red Stick @Home) has both a reading/logging component and an activity component. The rules, requirements, badges, and incentives vary based on the age group. You can find them all on the library’s Beanstack summer reading website.

Here’s a quick video from our May Library Road Show on our summer reading program:

Crafting for a Cause: Mystery Crochet Along

You like crafting, right? Of course you do! Stop by the Pride-Chaneyville Branch Library to pick up a new project – a mystery crochet-along!

Join other crafters in the greater Baton Rouge area in crocheting something new. What is it? It’s a secret! You’ll find out when you’re finished. Yarn and pattern will be provided for you, but you’ll need your own crochet hook.

This project is available the whole month of August. Go tie some knots, Baton Rouge!

RBDigital moving to OverDrive

Good news, library patrons! Now you can access all our fantastic ebooks through a single app – Libby, by OverDrive!

RBDigital’s books are moving to OverDrive on Monday, August 10th. This means that you may not have access to anything on RBDigital on that day. The transfer is expected to take just four hours, but may take as long as 24. When it’s completed, visiting RBDigital’s site will redirect you to OverDrive automatically.

What will change? If you are already an OverDrive user, you’ll have access to lots of new titles! If you’re making the switch from RBDigital, you’ll be able to finish any items you have checked out on that platform through the end of their lending periods, and then you’ll be redirected to OverDrive to read new books.

What do I have to do? Anything you have on hold in RBDigital will need to be placed on hold in OverDrive after the switch takes place. If you don’t have anything on hold, you don’t have to do a single thing.

What about magazines? You can still use the RBDigital app to access magazines through Zinio.

2020 Census

If you haven’t yet completed your 2020 census forms, now is a great time! It takes less than ten minutes to participate, depending on how many people live with you, and requires only names, dates of birth, and very basic information about race and ethnicity.

What does the census do?

The census only collects data and produces demographic statistics. Those statistics are used by many government agencies to direct funding for public works, like roads and schools. This information can also be used to determine the number of representatives each state gets and which districts will vote on which candidates.

Is my information safe?

All electronic submissions are encrypted, and if you choose to submit a paper form, it will be destroyed after the information is recorded.

Any more questions? Check out FAQs: Census 101.

Miss Humblebee’s Academy

Help prepare your pre-schooler for kindergarten and beyond with the help of your library! Miss Humblebee’s Academy supports young learners in building foundational literacy skills with guided lessons and 2,500+ activities.

Miss Humblebee can get your child interested in learning with lessons in art, math, music, science, social studies, and language and literacy. If you choose to create a permanent free account with your library card, they’ll be able to save lessons and come back to them later. There’s even a whole digital library of books that they can choose to read themselves, or have read aloud to them.

It’s totally safe to hand over your iPad – the site will send you a weekly report on their lessons, and even remind you of the best ways to practice for other early childhood developmental milestones you can’t learn online. Try Miss Humblebee’s Academy today!

Mid City Micro-Con 2020

We’re coming to you live! This year, the Mid City Micro-Con will be a fully online virtual event that you can attend from your very own internet-capable device for absolutely free, primarily through YouTube Live. You’ll be able to watch for free without an account, or use your Google account to sign in and chat. Here are some of the things you can look forward to:

  • Panels!
  • Workshops!
  • Special guests!
  • Creator highlights!
  • Endless possibilities!

We’re still working on making this event the best it can possibly be, so watch the Mid City Micro-Con 2020 infoguide or follow us on Facebook for updates! Make sure to attend the con on Saturday, August 29th.

Black Lives Matter – Resources on Baton Rouge City Key

City Key is a resource that provides Baton Rouge leadership with information on the city’s health, size, and almost every other matrix out there. As part of Mayor Sharon Weston Broome’s efforts to establish a Committee on Racial Equity and Inclusion (COREI), there is now a page for relevant facts about the diverse community of Baton Rouge and the Black Lives Matter movement.

Learn from hard data on income levels, poverty, life expectancy, and more. Visit the Black Lives Matter page of Baton Rouge City Key today.

History Resources

Betsy Ross’s original flag, as preserved by the Smithsonian.

Yesterday we celebrated the 244th US Independence Day. That’s a lot of history! Check out these resources for primary source documents and all kinds of information on the American Revolution or your favorite historical event:

Biblioboard – Your favorite source for indie authors is also a repository of open access information of all kinds! You can search by topic or name, or just browse their modules until you find something that seems neat. Go exploring!

CultureGrams – Bored of your own backyard? CultureGrams has information on every country, including recipes, fashion, and even recordings of national anthems.

The Vogue Archives and Women’s Wear Daily Archives – Vogue has been in publication since 1892, and Women’s Wear Daily began in 1910. If you have any interest in fashion, trends in public opinion, marketing, product design, and/or so much more, these are an invaluable resource. You can read a piece of history from cover to cover without even leaving your house.

These are just a few of the historical digital resources available to your library card. Head to the Digital Library and find out something new about something old.