Thank You!

All of us here at the library are so, so grateful for your continued support in renewing the tax millage this weekend. It quite literally keeps the lights on around here, and we’re all grateful not to be helping people find books and digital resources in the dark, as it is bad for the vision.

To remind you of all the stuff you get with your shiny, shiny library card, we thought a quick run-down of some of our favorite things was in order! (Kittens, roses, and brown paper packages not included.)

Ebook services abound; with Overdrive, you can read them, listen to them, or even watch streaming movies based on them. Our supplementary ebook collection Oneclickdigital doesn’t have video, but if anything else isn’t in Overdrive, it just might be there. Want to learn something technical? Safari Tech Books is the service for you; it’s got a wide selection of the “For Dummies” series if you want to learn a little, and a full range of subjects if you’d like to learn a lot (especially about coding and computer-y things).

Don’t be this guy. Let us help you out.

If you’d rather take online classes in a more traditional format, we’ve got Lynda and Gale Courses (formerly Learn4Life, the artist formerly known as Ed2Go), both of which consist of longer lesson or video-based sessions. Gale Courses take six weeks; two lessons are released each week of the course, and students have two weeks to complete each lesson. Lynda courses are videos of varying lengths that are broken into chapters that allow you to skip back and forth as necessary. Both of them can give you a certificate, which can be really useful in job-type scenarios.

We can also help you find a job.

Anything else you might want to know about can certainly be found in our infoguides, which cover everything from local fashion, art, music, and other events, to tax information, to bowling. Of course, you can’t forget the book recs. We’ve got book recs for days.

YEAH we do.

The library! Coming to a health fair, school event, local festival, or pretty much anything else near you. When we’re not on the other end of the phone or the other side of the screen. (We weren’t joking about being everywhere.)

It’s going to be a great ten years, East Baton Rouge!

Build your Business at the Library

From getting inspired at our Maker Faire, to learning how to make something of your own at one of our awesome craft programs, to turning that new skill into a business that will actually make you money – what the heck can’t you do at the library?!

(Well, you can’t buy things – because it’s all free.)

The library has a lot of really great resources to help you get a job, start a business, tell people about your business, make your business grow, hold important business meetings, and retire to a nice island somewhere.

Start your career today.

If you’re looking for a job, the Career Center is the place for you. The librarians there can help you with every step of the job search from figuring out what you might want to do through actually interviewing for the job that’s right for you (we’ve got Skype!). Read our September blog post for more information, or check out their website by clicking on the banner above.

All this and more. (It's not pretty, but DANG is it good.)
All this and more.

Want to be your own boss? After we help you get some start-up funding with our grant resources, the Gale Small Business Resource Center is basically your one-stop shop for all the forms you’ll need, including sample business plans you can use as a jumping-off point AND a database of up-to-the-minute articles on the most pressing issues small businesses face today.

Do you just really like books? So do we! In addition to information on the electronic resources listed here (and many more), we’ve got an infoguide on Business in the Library that has lists of books on all subjects business-related, including a whole section on how and why to use social media to make your goods or services go viral.

And when all that’s done and you’re ready to kick back, we’ve still got you covered: check out our travel resources for everything from guidebooks to language lessons.

It’s a good life.

Maybe think of us a little, when you make your first million. But even if you don’t we’re always glad to help you however we can.

Early Voting Starts Saturday!

Good morning, residents of East BatonRouge Parish! Early voting for the October 2015 primary election begins tomorrow from 8:30 AM – 6:30 PM and runs weekdays and Saturdays until October 17th.

Got questions about your early vote location? Check out the Secretary of State’s Early Voting, In Person guide to find the address of the registrar of voters office near you. They’ve also got a sample ballot with full text of the amendments up for renewal available through the Voter Portal – you just have to provide your address.

To learn more about the library’s presence on the ballot, please refer to the Dedicated Library Tax Millage FAQ posted on our website – and if you want even more information than that, call your friendly neighborhood librarians at (225) 231-3750!

And just in case you can’t make it next week, don’t forget: