After last week’s program on the genealogy of Huey P. Long, you probably want to look into your own family history. The library’s genealogy department can help, with free access to databases and online programs you can’t find anywhere else. (Well, you can find them. But they cost money.)

We’ve got your standard genealogy sites (those marked with an asterisk can only be accessed via library computers or on library wifi):

resources dedicated to the unique challenges of tracing African American ancestry (check out our earlier blog post for more information!):

and digital newspaper archives, which you can use to look up all the weird hijinks your relatives got up to once you find out who they were:

Not sure where to get started? Register for one of our genealogy classes, or get more information, by calling the genealogy department at (225) 231-3751.

Well, why not.

Check out the Long genealogy presentation on the One Book, One Community 2016 infoguide, in the “State History” tab!

Red Stick International Fest Event Schedule

The Red Stick International Festival is coming this Saturday to a library near you! If you live near the Main Library on Goodwood, anyway. Check out our previous blog post and LSU’s event page for more information.

  • Kids Lab, 10am – 3pm

Included activities: Exhibits by Knock Knock Children’s Museum, NASA /Stennis, Arduino showcase/ local school art creations; Lego lab; Minecraft showcase and live lab; and an Interactive art project on Library windows, and more. Ages 6 and up, minors need parent or guardian present.

Knock Knock Children’s Museum is partnering with LSU’s College of Human Sciences & Education, LSU College of Art & Design, and the LSU Center for Computation & Technology to transform the children’s storytelling rooms of the library into a playground of light, shadows and motion. Children will be delighted in using traditional materials to interact with light, color and images projected from digital devices.

Elevator Projects is having a make-your-own Star Wars costume party and Galactic Photobooth – check out their Facebook post for more information!

  • Maker Expo, 1pm – 5pm

Venue provided by the East Baton Rouge Parish Library system. Electronic Arts  – featuring playable demos of game, Acadian Robotics,  the only 3D printer manufacturer in Louisiana,  LSU’s Digital Media Arts & Engineering program and featuring digital and technology makers from around the area .

  • Cones & Drones, 5:30pm – 6:30pm

Enjoy free tasty sno-cones and a camera drone demonstration in the plaza.

  • Movies on the Plaza, 6:30pm


Authors Row 2016

Come out to the Jones Creek Regional Branch this Saturday, April 23rd, to meet local Louisiana authors!

2016-04-13 _ East Baton Rouge Parish Library

Featured works and authors include, but are not limited to:

  • Business and entrepreneurial titles from Monique Moliere Piper, David Walton Earle and Steve Kubicek. Tonia Askins will have Self-publishing Like a Pro to help you get your own book in print!
  • Or you can learn from children’s author Brian Daigle How to Eat a Book! Terri Hoover Dunham will also be there with her Christmas tale The Legend of Papa Noel.
  • Fun mysteries such as The First Case of Beers by M.LaRose, Louisiana-based political thrillers by Martha Gabour Manuel (great for people who’ve finished the One Book, One community read and want more!), and serious true crime like Familiar Evil by Rannah Gray, based on the murder suicide of local TV celebrity Scott Rogers.
  • Romance novels by Lynn Shurr, Shirley McCoy, and Anne Clayre Mason, and paranormal romance from Sharyn Schmitz.
  • Inspirational works from Rev. S.M. Woods, Yvette D., Tremaine Sterling, and more.
  • Last but not least, Emily Cogburn will be there to discuss Louisiana Saves the Library, a great Southern read for everyone who likes libraries and life in the South – and that’s all of us!

These authors and more will all be there with books available for purchase and autograph, and will be happy to discuss their works with you. Don’t miss this fantastic annual event at the Jones Creek Regional Branch! Call Yvonne Hull at (225) 756-1180.

Temporary Change in River Center Branch Hours

Fridays only, the River Center Branch will experience a shift in hours to accommodate the spring season of the downtown Live After Five Concert Series.

River Center Branch will be open 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM, instead of their usual hours of 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM, on the following Fridays:

  • April 1
  • April 8
  • April 15
  • April 22
  • April 29
  • May 6
  • May 13
  • May 20

Check out the concert lineup to make sure you don’t miss this great local music tradition. It’s free!

Business Time

The Gale Virtual Reference Library  has been refreshed and updated with Brand New Titles for Brand New Businesses – and education, and art, and more!

We’re going to focus on business, though, because the closer we get to summer, the more our thoughts are turning to vacation possibilities, and two-week cruises through the Caribbean are not cheap.

One day. (dramatic sigh)


There are lots of options to choose from:

2016-03-29 10_34_39-Gale Virtual Reference Library - Basic Search

You can learn about everything from how to get and keep a job, how to get promoted, and how to make your money make you money. Nothing in this life gets a free ride; why should your bank account?

But that’s a lot of books. And I mean, books are great, obviously; it’s just hard to speed-read one to get some quick tips on confident public speaking before a big meeting. Thank glob for advanced search functions!

2016-03-29 16_07_29-Gale Virtual Reference Library - Advanced Search

And there you go. Easy bite-sized results right at your fingertips, perfect for cramming in your eyeballs on short notice.

Check out the new titles in the Gale Virtual Reference Library today!

Federal Government Jobs in South Louisiana

Are you interested in a career with the federal government right here in Louisiana? The federal government offers a variety of jobs, most with good pay and good benefits. Learn about local employment opportunities, careers, application procedures, and benefits of federal civil service.

The seminar will be presented by Bill Tyler, a retired Administrative Officer of the Southern Regional Research Center, a federal agency based in New Orleans.

11:30 A.M. – 1:00 P.M.

This is an informational seminar, not a job fair!

Registration is required. Please call (225) 231-3733 or register online.


…forgive us for editorializing, but:


AARP Tax-Aide Schedule

Look, we all know that the only inevitable things in this life are death and taxes. The library can neither confirm nor deny any rumors about the discovery of the location of the Fountain of Youth, but we can…drumroll please…tell you where to get help with your taxes! Yaaaaay!

There’s no way to make that exciting. You know what’s exciting? Being audited by the IRS. No one said “exciting” was always good.

The zombie apocalypse, for example, would be very exciting, but not fun.

Volunteers from AARP will be using library meeting spaces to provide free tax help to low- and middle-income taxpayers, especially senior citizens age 60 or older. Click the link below to find out when they’ll be set up at a library branch near you! We made the link a different color so it would be prettier. Taxes aren’t pretty on their own.

2016 Tax-Aide Schedule

This is not a program put on by the library, and trust us, you do not want librarians to help you with your taxes – we’re just letting you know where and when to find the people who can actually give you a hand with all this. Honestly, it’s like one step up from nonsense to most of us.

We’ve got enough to deal with.

We can, however, provide you with the basic federal 1040 tax forms starting later on in the year (whenever they send them to us), and we can help you print out state tax forms from the Louisiana Department of Revenue’s website! As long as you know what you’re looking for. We can’t stress enough how little we know about taxes, really.

If you’ve got any specific questions about your federal taxes, call the local IRS office at (225) 343-8625 or check out their online resources. Good luck, everybody!