MOVE2042 Baton Rouge

Do you wish Baton Rouge had better public transportation? Do you, at a minimum, wish getting from point A to point B was a little less stressful? Of course you do. Come to the FINAL public open house meeting about Baton Rouge’s new transportation plan to let your voice be heard! If you can’t make it to the event this Wednesday, September 13th, from 4:30-7 PM at the Main Library on Goodwood, you should at least fill out the transportation survey to make sure your concerns are noted. Drop on by!

Recovery Month Discussion

The library is hosting a community discussion on mental health and substance use disorders to celebrate National Recovery Month, an annual observance sponsored each September by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) within the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). Dr. Allison M. Smith, Associate Director of the Louisiana Center Addressing Substance Use in Collegiate Communities (LaCASU), will moderate the discussion.

Participants will use their responses to the Recovery Month Art Exhibit (on display in the Main Library from September 1st through 10th) to facilitate an exploration of our community’s reactions to and experiences with mental health and substance use disorders. The primary goals of the discussion are to advance the community’s understanding of mental health and substance use disorders and to improve the visibility of Baton Rouge’s recovery community. Resources for recovery will be displayed at the event.

The discussion will be held at the Main Library on Goodwood this Sunday, September 10th, from 3-5 PM.

September is Library Card Sign-Up Month!

How will you ever out-cool Snoopy if you don’t get a library card?? Dogs can’t get library cards. It’s one of the best things that separates humans from other forms of life.

Sign up for a library card by visiting the circulation desk of any branch, and don’t forget to bring your photo ID and proof of residence (so a driver’s license you got here in Baton Rouge, or a school ID with your name on it and a piece of mail that’s been delivered to your local address). Then you’ll just have to fill out a quick little form, and the great folks in Circulation will set up your account while you’re standing there. You’ll be able to use your card to check out DVDs, books, magazines, CDs, and any of the resources in our Digital Library on your way out the door!

And always remember:

What To Read While You Wait For Game of Thrones

Thanks to everyone who came to our Game of Thrones Extravaganza last Friday! We had a great turnout, and we were thrilled to see each and every one of you. If you sat this one out, you should check out the pictures on Facebook – they’ll motivate you to come to the next one!

There’s a rumor going around that the final season of Game of Thrones might not air for two full years. That’s a fully bonkers amount of time to remember who any of these characters even are – and if you don’t keep your mind in tip-top epic fantasy plot-remembering shape, there’s no way you’ll be able to remember who the good guys are when it all starts up again. So here are some read-alike series to tide you over while you wait!

Here are four ongoing series to keep you in delicious suspense while you wait for what happens next (all the links go to the first book):

And four that are already complete, if you’re tired of the torture of an unfinished story:

While you wait out the weather, you can look for all of these and more on the Digital Library!


Do you see Beyoncé up there? Okay, library users, now let’s get information about how to download free music (that we can keep forever! for real!) from some of the greatest artists of all time, using Freegal.

Every active library user gets seven (7) free downloads per week, which you can use however you want. You can get a new song every day! You can get an entire album by downloading seven songs every week until you’re out of songs! You can even download music videos. One music video takes two download counters, so you can only get three and a half of them every week, or three music videos and one song, or two music videos and three songs, or whatever combination you like the best (as long as the other combination you like is “one video and five songs,” because that’s the only remaining option).

You can also stream as much music as you like while you’re connected to the internet! Your streaming time and the number of downloads you have left for that week is up in the top right corner of the screen:

Game of Thrones Extravaganza – TONIGHT!

You’ve seen the flyer –

you’ve seen some of the great giveaways we’ve made to have around the place (and they are epic) –

you are seeing for the FIRST TIME some of the decorations that have been specially made for this event by one of our ridiculously talented maesters –

you might have even seen one of our very own 20somethings librarians jousting with pool noodles on WAFB!

DID YOU KNOW that you can come look at, put on, play with, or make all of these things and MORE this very evening??

Check out the date and time on the flyer – the Game of Thrones After-Hours Extravaganza is TONIGHT starting at 6:30! Come have a snack from the food trucks, make a family crest, test your trivia knowledge against our crack team of experts, and watch awesome demonstrations by the Society of Creative Anachronism. Winter is coming…so spend an evening somewhere nice and warm.