360 Degrees of Financial Literacy


The 360 Degrees of Financial Literacy web site offers general information for managing personal finances. It was created by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and provides financial information ranging from the basic “how to balance your checkbook” and “how to manage your credit cards” to more advanced retirement/estate planning and investment topics.

Not only does this site address the financial information needs of people throughout their life spans, it also provides financial information and direction for those who were impacted by the recent hurricanes. Special features include “Ask the Money Doctor” and the “Financial Guidance Book“.

Use this site to increase your financial literacy or show it to your children to help them understand the importance of money and finances in their lives.

Standard & Poor’s NetAdvantage

April is Financial Literacy Month! To celebrate this important concept, let’s look at the Standard & Poor’s NetAdvantage database.

NetAdvantage offers easy access to Standard & Poor’s outstanding content. In it you’ll find Industry Surveys, Stock Reports and Fund Reports as well as issues of The Outlook going back to 1996! Timely features and commentary on the economy, daily stock market activity, industry sectors, stocks, bonds, funds, and investment strategies are also available.

If you’re new to investing, or just want to learn more, visit the Learning Center to find information on basic investing, wealth for women, tax issues and a whole lot more.

All in all, NetAdvantage is a great tool to increase your financial literacy and it’s available from your home computer if you have an East Baton Rouge Parish Library card!.

Reference USA

Reference USA offers demographic search tools that are useful for business planning and market research users. Users can find all businesses, or those by a specific Standard Industrial Classification number (SIC), within a 20 mile radius.

When searching the Business section of Reference USA, whether by company name, geographic area – zip code, city, parish, or Metropolitan Statistical Area; or a business type search – Yellow Page Heading or SIC; the detailed listing page provides the user with two additional demographic searching options. For example, if a search is conducted for “grocers – retail” in a specific zip code area, and the user clicks to the detail listing of any retrieved entry, a search option at the bottom of the page allows for additional searching either by all businesses, or SIC within a radius of 1/10th of a mile to 20 miles.

To access Reference USA, click on the Other Databases link located to the left on the Business and Career Connection homepage, use your East Baton Rouge Parish Library card number to authenticate, and select Reference USA from the database list.

Google Map Hack #1

Google Map Hack #1:  Sometimes You Need a Map to a Map

While most of us have come to rely upon paper maps, only some of us have begun to explore the infinite possibilities of electronic maps. Do you have the technical chops to pinpoint your potential destination using Google Maps?

Let’s say you are new to the parish, or simply trying to keep up with new developments throughout the capital city. Here’s a clever way to locate all of the coffee bars in Baton Rouge:

  • Type the URL:  http://maps.google.com.
  • In the standard Google search box, type: “Coffee in Baton Rouge, LA”.

Voila! Notice the “pushpins” that correspond to an address and telephone listing next to the map. To maneuver a Google map, simply click and drag it with your mouse. Need driving directions? Get those, too while you’re there.

Curious to learn more Google Maps hacks? Check out Safari Tech Books online now via our Online Databases. A simple title search will retrieve 2 e-books you’ll want to peruse – Google Maps Hacks and Google Hacks.  Happy trails!

Does It Work? – Product Testing


We’ve all seen informercials and the products that they tout – but have you ever wondered if the products really work? After all, who wants to spend $20 or $30 on something just to find out it’s a dud? Well, KRBC TV in Abilene, Texas has devoted a reporter to finding out just what works and what doesn’t – and they post his reports on this website!

Look here to find out if  that cleaner you saw at 2:00 am really works; if that Sunday morning automotive product does the trick; if the cream that removes facial hair was really a dream. This site can answer your questions and SAVE YOU MONEY!!

World & I


 The World & I is the online version of the monthly publication, World & I Journal. It presents a broad range of articles about politics, science, culture, and humanity in seven sections – Current Issues, The Arts, Life, Natural Science, Culture, Book World, and Modern Thought. Special features include over 1,000 Teacher’s Guide activities that meet the National Standards, a Book Review Archive with a search capability of its own, and a series of Special Collections featuring topics such as Worldwide Folktales, Peoples of the World, Profiles in Character, Millenial Moments, In the Footsteps of Lincoln, The Constitution and the Making of America.

Use the World & I for homework, to enhance your classroom experience or to develop lesson plans. It’s a great resource!


Set your Internet browser to www.firstgov.gov, the gateway website to United States government information on the World Wide Web. The designers of FirstGov have grouped business information under a button tab labeled “Business and Nonprofits“. Transactions with the federal government can be conducted online such as, requesting an employer identification number, applying for an export license, and verification of Social Security numbers.

The link to “Forms” opens pathways to a collection of federal forms grouped by form number or regulatory agency. Frequently requested forms, such as, Social Security, tax, and veterans benefits are grouped together in a separate category. Most forms are available in PDF format and can be printed out using the free downloadable Adobe reader.

Other interesting links from the FirstGov Business and Nonprofits page include, a list of state and territory business resources, how to buy and sell to the government, and a collection of printable workplace posters.

Business Person of the Month: Eric B. Lewis

Eric B. Lewis

Ephod Business Solutions

18316 Keystone Ave
Greenwell Springs, LA 70739

Eric B. Lewis - President of Ephod Business Solutions“At Ephod Business Solutions, we strive to provide management and consulting services to the small business owner that will allow their firm to reach its full potential. Through this effor, we believe we encourage economic development within the community.” – Eric B. Lewis

Eric B. Lewis is the President of Ephod Business Solutions, a business management consulting firm providing services in the areas of business development, project management, and technology consulting, based in Baton Rouge with a second office in New Orleans, Louisiana. Ephod Business Solutions is a subsidiary of Ephod Company, L.L.C., a holding company.

Lewis has a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from Southern University and a Master’s degree from Louisiana State University. He keeps up-to-date in the business world by reading Black Enterprise, The Greater Baton Rouge Business Report, and biographies of successful CEO’s. In his leisure time, Lewis reads The Advocate. His favorite recreational book is Cane River by Lalita Tademy.

Lewis has a vision for the future development of East Baton Rouge Parish. “I believe East Baton Rouge Parish has the capacity to become the center of a major metropolitan area. If we can take full advantage of some of the existing resources, such as the airport, the interstate, and Mississippi River as well as Southern University, LSU, and BRCC, we will be able to develop the foundation for long-term growth. Over the next few years, emerging industries such as software technologies, video gaming, and entertainment should really begin to strenghthen our local economy. Once this occurs, Baton Rouge will become an attractive community for those desiring to live in the southern region of our country,” states Lewis.

He is a member of the Baton Rouge Black Chamber of Commerce, Forum 35, NAACP, and the LSU Dean’s Advisory Committee. His favorite quote is “I can do all things through Jesus Christ who strengthens me.”

Business Person of the Month Archive


FACTS.com Database

National Black History Month

Did you know? Since 1926 the Association for the Study of African American Life and History (ASALH) has established the national theme for Black History Month. This year ASALH has chosen a theme that aims to explore the impact that Black fraternal, social, and civic organizations have had on the evolution of African American life and history.

In case you were wondering where you could explore similar interesting facts relating to Black History Month or, perhaps, biographical information about African-American firsts, look no further than FACTS.com! Here’s an example of how it works.

  • From the EBRP Library home page (URL: http://www.ebr.lib.la.us/), click Online Databases on the left navigation menu.
  • Click Enter on the next screen.
  • Look under Statewide Databases; scroll and click Facts.com.
  • Let’s assume that we want to gather the names of African-American “firsts”.
  • In the blank text box type “first African American(place phrase in quotes).
  • Notice the check box labeled Search Title Only; leave the box unchecked, as we are not looking for articles with these words in the title.
  • For purposes of sorting search results, chose Relevance Rank*.
  • Finally, under Available Databases, click the following check boxes:
    • World News Digest (1980 to present)
    • World News Digest (1940 to 1979)
    • Issues & Controversies
    • Today’s Science
    • World Almanac Reference Databases
    • World Almanac Encyclopedia
  • Click GO!
  • This search has retrieved 70 documents that are displayed on 3 result pages.
  • Advance to page 2 of your results and click on #26 to learn that American poet Rita Dove became the first African-American (as well as the youngest ever) poet laureate of the United States in 1993.

* Story Date is useful when timeliness is a factor; in which case, you could also specify a World News Digest database accordingly plus opt to set a date range.

EBRPL’s Senior Connection

Check out the Senior Connection – the new EBRP Library site for seniors! This is a site we’ve put together just for seniors – providing acess to information and services that are important to this large group of library patrons. Use Senior Connection to find a place to volunteer, learn a new craft or hobby, learn to type, find out how to prevent falls, exchange recipes, stay healthy…

Click on the link to the left and explore Senior Connection. It’s a great place to stay informed and continue learning!