Desperately Seeking Yearbooks

Help contribute to the preservation of Baton Rouge history! The Baton Rouge Room is currently asking for donations of yearbooks from Baton Rouge schools. All schools are included in this search — elementary, middle, junior high, high school, and college. “While the Baton Rouge Room does already have a large collection of local yearbooks, we are looking to expand the collection as well as fill in the gaps,” says archivist, Melissa Eastin. Find out if you have a yearbook that might be of value to the Baton Rouge Room by calling (225) 389-4960.

Library Elf

Perhaps you’ve read one of those fantasy novels where the wizard has a fairy that sits on their shoulder that gives them tips and reminds them of things they may have forgotten. Wouldn’t it be nice to have one of those in your modern life? Perhaps it would remind you when your books are due.

The East Baton Rouge Parish Library is proud to announce a partnership with Library Elf, which is an email library reminder service.

When you sign up for the service, Library Elf will email you a reminder BEFORE your books are due. It also keeps track of your items’ due dates, your overdue books, and your holds.

Library Elf can also track multiple library accounts, which is particularly useful to families, so that parents can keep track of multiple accounts.

Signing up for the service is voluntary and secure. Just go to Library Elf Sign Up and enter your email and make up a password. At the next step, choose your library (in this case East Baton Rouge Parish Library) and enter your card number. Then you enter your notification preferences. For example, do you want to be emailed 3 days before something is due, or on the actual due date? Library Elf sends a confirmation notice to your email, which activates your account.

You email address is kept confidential, as is any other personal information. Library Elf does not retain any information about your checkout history. If you have any questions be sure to read the Library Elf Privacy Policy and FAQ.

Everyone who has tried the service has wondered how they functioned without it. That’s because Library Elf works for you, and makes your life easier.

With the recent financial crisis on Wall Street, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed when it comes to money matters. However, it’s important to realize that the best thing for you to do is learn how to manage your own personal finances. is a website that pools together financial literacy information from federal government sources. Articles include:

The website was created by the Financial Literacy and Education Commission, which also maintains a toll free number (1-888-MYMONEY) that allows access to the many of the same publications.

Ways Patrons Used the Library After Hurricane Gustav

In times of crisis, access to good information is critical. In the days and weeks after Hurricane Gustav blew through the Baton Rouge area, patrons turned to the library for their needs. Here are some of the questions we answered and services we provided.

  • Patrons wanted to know if we were open and had Internet access so they could check their email.
  • Patrons were calling about the status of Hurricane Ike (coordinates, projected path, local wind speeds). We turned to the National Hurricane Center website and Weather Underground for up-to-date tropical weather information.
  • A patron called wanting to know which hotels in Baton Rouge were “FEMA approved”. FEMA approved hotels in Baton Rouge can be found at this website: FEMA Evacuee Hotel List.
  • Patrons wanted to know where they were on the Entergy power restoration map.
  • Patrons wanted to know how to apply for emergency food stamps.
  • One patron was looking for murder mysteries to watch since their cable was out. We showed her the series we have on DVD: Inspector Morse, Miss Marple, Murder She Wrote etc.
  • Patrons wanted to know where they could get MREs and tarps in Baton Rouge and surrounding parishes. Information about MREs and tarps, along with a lot of other information could be found at
  • Patrons have wanted to use our computers to apply for FEMA aid and to check on the status of their applications.
  • A patron who evacuated to Mississippi was traveling through Jackson to come back home. But she desperately needed to find a Chik-Fil-A in Jackson. We found two and gave her the phone numbers and addresses. (Everything doesn’t have to be an emergency, does it?)

Public Access Computers Around Baton Rouge

Aside from the open locations of the East Baton Rouge Parish Library (see below), the following locations have public computer access.

  • Middleton Library at LSU
  • John B. Cade Library at Southern University
  • State Library of Louisiana (with wi-fi hotspots on the 3rd floor)
  • Fed-Ex Kinko’s
  • West Baton Rouge Parish Library

For wi-fi hotspots in Baton Rouge try the following links:

Library Hurricane Notices

  • The Main Library and the Bluebonnet Regional Branch Library are closed today (Monday, September 8, 2008) due to power outages. All other branches of the East Baton Rouge Parish Library will be open today from Noon to 8:00 p.m. The River Center Branch will close at its normal time at 7:00 p.m.
  • Beginning Tuesday, 09/09/08, through Thursday, 09/11/08, all branches of the East Baton Rouge Parish Library will open at the regularly scheduled time and will close at 8:00 p.m. One exception is the River Center Branch which will be open from 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.
  • GREAT NEWS!!!! Storytime in the Children’s Room will be held as scheduled at each of the branch libraries. Come by and join in the fun!
  • Overdue fines will be suspended for a brief period of time due to the effects of Hurricane Gustav. Check with the Circulation Desk at your local branch library for more details.
  • Meeting room use has been suspended at all branch libraries for the remainder of this week, 09/08/09 through 09/12/08. Therefore, community organization meetings are also canceled this week. Check with your individual community organization to determine if an alternate meeting location and time has been arranged.

Library Closing and Hurricane Link Fest

The East Baton Rouge Parish Library is closing at 4pm on Saturday, August 30 and will remain closed on Sunday, August 31. The library is closed for the Labor Day holiday on Monday, September 1 and will remain closed on Tuesday, September 2 UNLESS Hurricane Gustav changes course and leaves the Baton Rouge area untouched. Stay tuned to local news outlets for more information about library closures.

It seems like a good time to remind everybody about the East Baton Rouge Parish Library Hurricane Hotline, which is chock-full of hurricane information. And while we’re still open, don’t forget the Library Information Service at (225) 231-3750. We’ve been answering questions about the hurricanes and emergency preparedness all week.

The State Library of Louisiana has also set up hurricane and emergency assistance website at . Furthermore, a blog has been set up to keep track of the status of Louisiana Libraries, whether they are closed or open, or if any branches are damaged. It is the Louisiana Library Status Blog.

p4A Antiques Database and James Dean’s T-shirt

p4A Antiques Reference database is not just for collectors — it’s a collection in itself! It’s an image database with tons of great images of weirdly wonderful things.

Hidden in the depths of p4A you’ll find:

  • James Dean’s t-shirt from Rebel Without a Cause
  • Sitting Bull’s revolver
  • Gen. George A. Custer’s folding camp chair
  • a Tyrannosaurus rex claw
  • the Red Baron’s goggles

…and many more odd, yet historical, items of interest!

Why wait for Antiques Roadshow or Cash in the Attic? Be your own treasure hunter and explore p4A Antiques Reference database. And tell us about your Fabulous Finds!

To access p4A Antiques Database, go to the EBRPL Database Page and enter your library card number (if you are inside of the library, you can skip this step). Go to p4A Antiques Database from the left hand column under My Library’s Databases.

New Main Library in the Park Concept Plans

After numerous meetings and workshops over the past few months, three site concept plans have been developed for the new Main Library in the Park. The library invites you to view each plan and to make comments and observations about them.

Click on the link to find the site concept plans and other items relating to the new Main Library in the Park.

Main Library in the Park Concept Plans

Main Library in the Park Concept C

Finding Louisiana Authors

If you are looking for Louisiana authors, there are two separate databases that list Louisiana authors. The State Library of Louisiana’s Center for the Book maintains the Writer’s Directory, which is a bibliographic database of living Louisiana writers. The database is searchable by a variety of fields, inlcuding city and parish. When applicable, contact information for the authors is included as well as their speaking fees and about which topics they speak.

The second database is called the Louisiana Authors Index and it is maintained by Louisiana State University (LSU) Libraries. It tries to keep a list of deceased authors and their works. Listings include basic bibliographic information, and some include brief biographies.

Used together, these databases offer a comprehensive search for Louisiana authors and works.