EBR Parish Geographic Information System (GIS)

Baton Rouge’s premiere GIS program at your fingertips!  Locate properties by searching for address, subdivision name, business name, North America Industrial Classification System (NAICS) code, or street name throughout the Parish, excluding the City of Baker and the City of Zachary.

To get you started, here are a few hints.  Click Online Maps and choose your search method; Fill in the search boxes with required information; Click Search and Voila!  Results allow you to select Details or Map.

Details allows you to access:

  • Flood zone Information
  • Subdivision name
  • Metro Council District number and a link to Metro Council District webpage
  • Census tract number and a link to census tract demographics
  • Recycling, garbage, and trash pickup days

Map display lets you view:

  • A specific piece of property
  • 2006 aerial photos

Note:  Java must be installed on your computer to display maps. Visit java.com for a free download.

Recipes from EBSCO

November is National Pomegranate Month

Winter fruits can heighten the health benefits of any meal.  And pomegranates will certainly add a festive, salubrious twist to your upcoming holiday brunch.  Only available from October through January, pomegranates remain one of the few fruits that are seasonal.  While they’re around, celebrate these edible jewels in eating, snacking and decorating.  Wondering what to do with a pomegranate?  Use the search phrase [pomegranate and DE “RECIPES (Cookery)”] in your next EBSCO search.  Replace the word pomegranate with another ingredient and you’ll uncover nearly 3,000 recipes from your favorite magazines and journals!

Going Global!

Do you want to conduct business in foreign countries and have questions such as:

  • What are the procedures?
  • What documents and/or licenses will I need?
  • How much will it cost?
  • How long will it take?

Doing Business.org has answers. Direct your browser to the Starting A Business section, select a country, and discover the steps required to start a business there. Use other buttons and the provided list of countries to learn procedures for:

  • Hiring employees
  • Obtaining licenses
  • Paying taxes
  • Dealing with property

Notice each procedure is described with a statistic showing the amount of time required and approximate dollar cost.

Business Person of the Month:Brian Ter Haar

Brian Ter Haar

The MailBag/Goals & Poles Sport Court of South Louisiana

7575 Jefferson Hwy
Baton Rouge, LA 70806

Brian Ter Haar - Owner of The MailBag, Goals & Poles, Goalsandpoles.com, & Sport Court of South Louisiana

“In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.” – Albert Einstein 

Brian Ter Haar graduated from Louisiana State University in 1982 with a degree in Business/Marketing. Brian Ter Haar is a deacon at University Baptist Church. He is one the board and the CFO of the National Alopecia Areata Foundation, an organization that raises awareness, money, and research for the disease Alopecia Areata, an auto immune disease which cause partial or complete hair loss is children and adults. His is a small business owner of four operational enterprises – The MailBag, Goals & Poles, Goalandpoles.com, and Sport Court of South Louisiana.

The MailBag was established in 1982 and is located at 7575 Jefferson Hwy in Baton Rouge. It is a full service mail and parcel center offering UPS, Fed Ex., DHL, and USPS shipping service. They are one of the top private shippers for UPS in the country. The MailBag also offers black and white and color copies and packaging service, Post Office box rental, and a free parcel pick up service, as well as full service direct mail department along with personalized mailing lists.

Goals & Poles was established in 1981. It is the largest installer of residential basketball goals in the state of Louisiana with over 5,000 installations. They also sell and install commercial basketball and volleyball systems to schools and parks.

Goalsandpoles.com is an online site that sells residential and commercial basketball and volleyball equipment.

Sport Court of South Louisiana provides installation of backyard basketball, tennis and volleyball courts. They also sell and install Sport Court modular floors for schools, community centers, and churches.

I started the Mail Bag and Goals & Poles about the time I graduated from LSU in 1982. I saw a need for both services and I went out to fill that need. Sport Court is an extension of the products that we offer with Goals & Poles.” says Brian Ter Haar. “I enjoy the opportunity to meet and provide a service to people in the Baton Rouge area. With Sport Court we custom design their courts, which gives us a great opportunity to work closely with families and greatly enhance their quality of life.”

In his spare time, Brian Ter Haar enjoys spending time with his family. They frequent the library for the extensive resources offered. “I have two children – four and thirteen – so we are constantly using the numerous resources the library has to offer. My four year old is just starting to read, and almost every book he reads now is from our local library. My 13 year old uses the library for research and her summer reading list. My wife and I use the library for research and of course to check out our favorite books,” says Brian Ter Haar. “My favorite books are the ones I check out with my four year old and biographies I check out for myself. My favorite magazines are Forbes, Consumer Reports, and Sports Illustrated.”

“As for Baton Rouge, Brian Ter Haar believes that Baton Rouge’s economy and future are as strong as anywhere in the country. “With leadership for Mayor Holden I am very optimistic about our future.”


Business Person of the Month Archive

Fresh Spinach Cleared for Consumption Again

    Medline Health News

Fresh Spinach Cleared for Consumption Again

Need timely, accurate, and concise health news?  Your finger is on the pulse with Medline Health News.  Here you’ll find the latest public health alerts and updates such as the recent E. coli outbreak and its long-awaited conclusion.   Sorted by date and topic, it also highlights the latest trends and wellness research findings, even curiosities like “Taller Women More Likely to Have Twins”, as well as tips on what to do if you find mold in your house.  Practical and handy!

EBSCO Animals

Wow!  Did you know that common garden snails have a maximum life span of nearly 10 years?  Ever hear of a marsupial frog?  X-ray fish…bird of paradise…what’s in a name?  Do Australian mud-nesters really forage in mud? Find out using EBSCO Animals!

Parents, tutors, and teachers find this an indispensable tool for helping students explore the wild world of animals.  Grab descriptive facts about mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, fish, and prehistoric animals.  Entries begin with animal classification including kingdom, class, order, genus & species, and geographical locale.  Some colorful images may be ‘spotted’, too!  

  • Click “Online Databases” on the left navigation menu of our home page.
  • Click “Enter” (remote users will be asked to enter library card number).
  • From the Statewide Databases list, click “EBSCO”; select EBSCOHost Web; scroll and click “EBSCO Animals”.
  • Let’s explore the differences and similarities of dolphins and the prehistoric ichthyosaurus.  In the blank search box, type ichthyosaurus; click search.
  • To read the article, click either the entry title or HTML Full Text.
  • Want to challenge your student’s foreign language skills?  Translate this or any page in EBSCO Animals into Spanish, French, Portuguese, or German!

Louisiana Census Facts

Population, income, and many other  census statistics are available with a click of your mouse at Louisiana Census Facts. By using the drop down menu box, you can create a census report for specific parish, city, town, or zip code.

A couple of hints: view the profile definitions to learn what is included in a census profile, and read the report printing instructions to produce a clean printout of your results. 

Be Prepared, Stay Ready, Have A Plan!

The tropics are alive. Hurricane season 2005 taught us the value of having a workable emergency plan. Use www.ready.gov. to create an emergency plan for your business.

Need additional tips?

  • Sign up for email, pager, and cell phone emergency alerts.
  • Create a Business To Go Box which includes:
    • Insurance information.
    • Bank information, checkbooks, and account numbers.
    • Client contact list.
    • Employee contact list.
    • Vendor contact list..
    • Computer back-up files..

In a July 11, 2006 press release, the Louisiana Department of Economic Development outlined steps to develop a business emergency preparedness plan. One of the steps is to create a Business To Go Box. Read the complete press release.

Business Person of the Month: Charles Elliot

Charles Elliot

Little Wars, Inc.

7517 Jefferson Hwy
Baton Rouge, LA 70806

Charles Elliot - President of Little Wars, Inc.

“Don’t tell me about the law. I have a sword.” – Lucius Cornelius Sulla. 

Charles N. Elliot is president of Little Wars, Inc., a nationally recognized premiere game shop since 1988. He received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Louisiana State University, as well as took graduate studies in English Literature, and later, received his Master’s degree from Southeastern Louisiana University. Elliot belongs to the Foundation for Historical Louisiana, Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities, and professional historical organizations.

Little Wars offers historical, fantasy and board gaming in a bright, clean, pleasant and safe environment. The business keeps in-stock a broad, deep and rich array of books, games, miniatures, paints and dice, while providing free in-store and late-night table-top gaming. Little Wars hosts the Baton Rouge Society of Ancients as well as a varied and constant cycle of war gaming campaigns and tournaments.

In 1972, Elliot’s Book Shop, the parent company of Little Wars, began selling war games and military miniatures as a profitable sideline at its initial South Baton Rouge location in Southdowns Shopping Center on Perkins Road. Moving to Village Square on College Drive in 1976, Elliot’s linked this war gaming sideline to an extensive science fiction and fantasy book section. Building on the incredible popularity of early Lord of the Rings and Dungeons and Dragons fantasy role-playing, Elliot’s reputedly became the first store nationally to sell individual gaming figures broken out of the standard multi-packs. For the Christmas Season of 1988, Elliot’s spun off an independent full-service game shop, Little Wars, named after H.G. Wells’ classic war gaming book of 1913 and managed by long-time employee Shane Petersen. With the ‘Wal-marting’ of Village Square, Little Wars moved to Jefferson Plaza Shopping Center in 2003, right across from the new and spectacularly successful Whole Foods extravaganza at Cedar Lodge Shopping Center at Jefferson Highway and Corporate Boulevard.

Elliot has been a military history enthusiast since childhood. “I’ve always wanted to know how generals and soldiers thought and fought, how battles, campaigns and wars really worked. Replicating and re-enacting battles in miniature can get you in the shield-wall or front-rank without the bother of personally charging about and getting wounded or killed. You can certainly recreate particular campaigns to see if your favorite general can actually win Hastings, Waterloo or Gettysburg, but you can also see the curious strategical, logistical, and tactical glitches leading to glorious victory or tragic defeat. You can also take some measure of yourself, seeing if you keep your head under stress, can respond quickly to a sudden change of fate (or dice roll) and if you really can play well with others! You can be, for an evening or a weekend, Caesar, Napoleon, Bedford Forest or Gandalf the Gray. And if your army or player-character loses, you can paint up a replacement and soldier on,” says Elliot.

Elliot believes that the East Baton Rouge Parish Library system opened up the world of history and military history to him. “I can well remember checking out Little Wars, Fifteen Decisive Battles of the World, and that wonderful Confederate Arms, as well as a host of others, from the old downtown library when I was a kid. I used the Middleton Library when I was an undergraduate, Hill Memorial as a graduate student, and now Simms Library at Southeastern where I teach Louisiana History, but I still am a fan of the parish library system and I do have a library card (and paid all fines). I use the Main Library as my local, even teach LEA Louisiana History programs out of it as well as the Bluebonnet and Jones Creek branches. Public libraries provide a grand public service of offering such a selection of books, for every age, taste and interest, under the guidance of professional and personable librarians.

I read extensively and selectively for my academic life and eclectically for my private. I read multiples of books at one time, just finished books on pirates, Palestinian poetry, birch bark canoes, and North Renaissance art. Favorites are hard to call; I’d have to say Tolkien’s Hobbit, Dumas’ Three Musketeers, Renault’s The King Must Die, Feuchtwanger’s Power, Dickens’ Christmas Carol (the best book in the world), all the Flashman novels, and my childhood favorite, Bailey’s Old Man Rabbit’s Dinner Party. Of course, there’s Jane Austen and Thackeray, Ernst Juenger, Hans Christian Anderson, Tony Hillerman. Ah! So many books, so little time! I’ve read most of Shogun over the last three nights and eyeing this new biography of Louis XIV.”

I’m a National Geographic, Chronicles, and Vanity Fair kind-a-guy,” says Elliot.

Besides reading, Elliot’s hobbies include “trying to watch each and every segment of Law and Order, traveling to Munich (my favorite place in the world) and Northern Italy, and people-watching at the Farmers’ Market on Saturday morning.” 

Eliott sees the future of Baton Rouge as “continuing to grow at the expense of New Orleans, keeping the best, enduring the worst, while (hopefully) remaining the friendly small southern town it is underneath all our big city pretenses.” 

I’d like to see more trees, more statues, some memorial to the late Emerson Bell, and the simultaneous commemoration of Iberville’s landing here in 1699 that’s not drowned in all that green beer on St. Patrick’s Day. Throughout its history, Baton Rouge has always been described as green (as in trees, not beer) and I fear we are losing our sublime natural setting.” 

Business Person of the Month Archive

EBSCO Newspaper Source

Ever hopped into your car and turned on the radio only to catch the last 30 seconds of a stunning radio segment on Louisiana hurricanes? Then you need Newspaper Source. Don’t let a name like Newspaper Source fool you into thinking its just about daily tabloids; it also serves up tens of thousands of full-text, noncommercial radio news transcripts!

Internationally acclaimed National Public Radio (NPR) has provided coverage of Hurricane Katrina’s effects on Gulf Coast communities for the past year; and a Newspaper Source search under “NPR” and “Hurricane Katrina” uncovers almost 1,000 full-text transcripts. So now you can print, email, or save full-text radio transcripts of what you halfway heard (or missed altogether) on your a.m. drive yesterday.

  • Click “Online Databases” on the left navigation menu of our home page.
  • Click “Enter” (remote users will be asked to enter library card number).
  • From the Statewide Databases list, click “EBSCO”; select “EBSCOhost Web”.
  • Scroll through the alphabetical list and check “Newspaper Source”; click Continue.
  • To find the NPR Day to Day segment that discusses the loss of magnolia trees after Katrina (broadcast just last month), try this search:  “NPR” and “Magnolia Trees
  • Read the transcript “New Orleans Stands to Lose Many Magnolia Trees” by clicking either HTML Full Text or the title provided in the citation.

In addition to radio, EBSCO gives you the full-text for television news transcripts and 20 national and international papers plus over 230 regional U.S. papers!