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2A widget is short for window gadget, or the display ‘box’ that displays your selected audio, photo, or document files.

WilsonWeb Database: National Black History Month

National Black History Month is an annual observance in February, celebrating the past and present achievements of African Americans. It is also a time when students and educators, who in a mad scramble to track down elusive biographical information on the movers and shakers in Black History, need accurate and reliable information fast.

No time for a trip to the library this week?  No sweat! Overhaul your research plan and leap over to WilsonWeb, an online biographical index that’s available to you outside library walls, 24-7.  Beyond biographies, you’ll uncover obituaries, articles, and leads to additional resources about the person you are researching. For fun, let’s see how many African American musicians with Louisiana roots we can find.

  • Click “Online Databases” on the left navigation menu of our home page.
  • Click “Enter” (remote users will be asked to enter library card number).
  • From the Statewide Databases list, click Wilson Web
  • The “Advanced Search” is selected by default, so leave it as is; choose your database by checking “Biographies Plus Illustrated“.
  • Inserting one term in each of the three text boxes provided, type “African American” and “Louisiana” and “musician”; next, select “Ethnicity” and “Place of Origin” and “Profession/Activity”, in that order, from the drop-down menus, making sure that each matches up, side-by-side, with the search terms you just typed.
  • Click “Start”.
  • Scroll through over a half-dozen results and take your pick – from Louis Armstrong to Shirley Verrett!
  • Tip:  In the event you discover more leads to related reading, be sure to consult with Newsbank and EBSCO, two additional online resources that link you to hundreds of thousands of newpaper and magazine articles.  Have fun!

Business Person of the Month:Jennifer Marie Fabre, P.T., MPT, CSCS

Jennifer Marie Fabre, P.T., MPT, CSCS


Therapeutic By Design Fitness & Wellness, LLC.

Therapeutic By Design Fitness & Wellness, LLC.

8752 Quarters Lake Road

Baton Rouge, LA 70809



Jennifer M. Fabre - Therapeutic by Design

“Live Well… Love Much… Laugh Often.”
—Bessie Anderson Stanley

“I will…discover strengths I didn’t know I had. Give less time to the fluff. Make no excuses. Have courage to change. Be calm. Focus on people-not things. Live by my priorities. Make a difference. Inspire the people around me. Enjoy being organized. Create the future I envision. Look back on this year with satisfaction. Accept no limits. Give more time to what’s important. Keep my eyes on the Goal. Not be distracted.”—Franklin-Covey

Opened in January 2004, Therapeutic By Design Fitness and Wellness, LLC offers the services of Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Exercise Programming in Baton Rouge. Licensed therapists provide traditional therapy, personalized exercise programs, and also offer specialty services of Neuro-Developmental Techniques, Sport Rehabilitation, Balance Retraining, Orthopedic and Spine Rehabilitation, Healthy Aging and Functional Fitness Programming in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

Fabre says, “I believe it is important for the clinician to take into consideration that therapy is not only for treating a specific physical condition or diagnosis, but it is about looking at the entire person and determining ways to alleviate the impact the physical condition has on that person’s overall well-being and quality of life.” Fabre continues by saying, “whether you are a competitive triathlete recovering from a sports injury; a person with a newly diagnosed life-altering debility; someone of an average fitness level wanting to upgrade a workout routine to achieve specific goals; or perhaps someone seeking new ways to cope with osteoarthritis, Therapeutic By Design is dedicated to helping you optimize, restore and/or maintain your overall fitness, function, and health according to your personal goals and lifestyle.”

Owner and Physical Therapist Jennifer Fabre attended the Louisiana Scholars’ College of Northwestern State University in Natchitoches, LA where she earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Liberal Arts and Sciences with a concentration in scientific inquiry and minors in both biology and math. She continued her education at LSU Health Sciences Center in Shreveport, earning a Master of Physical Therapy Degree. Currently, Jennifer is in a Ph.D. program of study at LSU in the Department of Kinesiology with concentrations in exercise physiology and motor behavior. She’s conducted research in the areas of “physical function performance, balance assessments and programming, and cardiovascular measures in older adults.”

Fabre’s own experience growing up in a family with a person having a disability is what led her to the study of Physical Therapy. She cites some statistics from the 1996 report of the Surgeon General— “only 60% of Americans perform any type of physical activity and 25% say they do no exercise on a daily basis.” America’s number one killer, heart disease, can be caused by a lack of activity. Other diseases such as diabetes, cancer, obesity, hypertension, which stem from environmental and behavioral factors, are preventable and treatable. “I want to be an asset to the community in the field of physical therapy and exercise science. Providing people the tools necessary to achieve a healthy lifestyle is an important goal for me.”

By the year 2030, the number of men and women 65 years of age and older will reach 70 million in the United States alone. Persons 85 years of age and older will be the fastest growing segment of the population. Fabre believes that musculoskeletal fitness can provide many health benefits—“reduced coronary risk factors, reduced risk of osteoporosis by increasing bone mineral density, increased flexibility and strength, improved glucose tolerance, and greater success in completion of activities of daily living.” Part of her current research deals with falls in older adults, which have an estimated $17 billion impact on health care costs per year. In hopes of promoting a national strategy for fall-risk reduction programs, Fabre is working on the early identification of those older adults likely to fall. “An overall plan for my current research is to complete validation of our newly developed falls risk screening tool and determine the efficacy of local community-wide fall risk prevention programs.”

This twenty-nine year old woman doesn’t know the meaning of the word leisure. Besides working on her Ph.D and opening her own business, Fabre is active in several community groups and four related professional organizations; attends and presents at various local, state, and national conferences; is the Healthy Athletes FUNFitness Coordinator for Louisiana Special Olympics; has been a guest lecturer at LSU’s Department of Kinesiology; and has worked as a research assistant at Pennington Biomedical Research Center. She also holds copyrights as author of two exercise programs—Therapeutic Aquatic Exercise Program and Spine Rehabilitation Exercise Program and as co-author of the LAAAP Falls Risk Screening Tool. She has appeared as a co-author for articles in Journal of Gerontology, Journal of Geriatric Physical Therapy, Southern Medical Journal and Gait & Posture.

Currently, I do not have much time for pleasure reading,” Fabre says. “I mostly spend my time reading about current research in my field of physical therapy and exercise physiology.” Her shelves are full of heavy reading such as: Merck Manual; Netter’s Atlas of Human Anatomy; Wilmore and Costill’s Physiology of Sport and Exercise; ACSM’s Guideline for Testing and Prescription; Lewis and Bottomley’s Geriatric Physical Therapy; Shephard’s Aging, Physical Activity, and Health; Saunders’ and Tornberlin’s Evaluation, Treatment, and Prevention of Musculoskeletal Disorders: Volumes 1 and 2; Guyton and Hall’s Human Physiology and Mechanisms of Disease; and Shumway-Cook and Woollacott’s Motor Control” Her favorite magazines are also professional journals (Physical Therapy; Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise; Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research; Journal of Orthopaedic and Sports Physical Therapy; JAMA), but she does read 225, Prevention, Runner’s World, National Geographic, Muscle & Fitness, Louisiana Home and Garden, Black Enterprise, Essence and Self for pleasure.

Fabre’s credits her love of reading to her father, a librarian in the St. Tammany Parish School system for over 30 years. She spent afternoons and summers in the library and remembers “reading the World Book Encyclopedias (going from A to Z) and looking forward to the next issue of National Geographic (what awesome pictures).” Furthermore, Fabre states, “my Dad and Grandmother (a former teacher) were strong influences in beginning my quest for life-long learning…while Mom encouraged independence, creativity, and integrity.”

Fabre is determined to link the profession of physical therapy with the art of exercise science to encourage an integrated healthcare community. By pursuing her doctorate in Kinesiology she is equipping herself to become a proactive voice in not only the profession of physical therapy, but in the healthcare arena as a whole. “I look forward to teaching the community, other healthcare professionals, personal trainers, students of the allied health professions, and exercise science researchers and clinicians the importance of strength-training, prevention, exercise, nutrition, and wellness while also promoting the practical application of this knowledge to the gym, treatment table, and functional activities.”

Fabre keeps the Franklin-Covey quote from the beginning of this profile over her desk at home as a constant reminder. “I am a physical therapist who is both devoted to life-long learning and eager to remain loyal to my dreams.”

Business Person of the Month Archive

Official Guide to Doing Business in Louisiana

Official Guide To Doing Business In Louisiana
Is there one website that has information you need to start a business in Louisiana? Yes! The Official Guide To Doing Business In Louisiana has it all, and more. The guide is available on the Internet at

Useful features are;

  • Louisiana Overview – a snapshot of Louisiana’s economy and employment picture.
  • Help At A Glace – a one page list of contacts for everything from filing articles of incorporation to requesting wetlands determination.
  • Maps – showing major highways, airports, seaports, and areas of broadband Internet access.
  • Go Zone Information – Links to Gulf Opportunity Zone, (GO Zone) info including a GO Zone guide, and map of Louisiana GO Zone areas.
  • Links – a list of state agency and parish government websites.

Our African American Legacy

Our African American Legacy

Check out Our African American Legacy – your Library’s newest site designed especially for exploring and sharing content pertaining to the African American Legacy of East Baton Rouge Parish. This is a site we’ve put together just for you—and it’s more than just an overview of our African American community. It is one of few places where you can delve right into this rich legacy from your chair.  Peruse our historical timeline, brief biographies of important individuals and places, and check back often to view our evolving photo gallery, which includes both ours and shared collections.  We also keep you informed of the print and audio/visual resources that you can access at your library.

Use Our African American Legacy as a way to share photos, clippings, and other items from your own personal scrapbook. Have something to say? Propose relevant topics or talk about Baton Rouge African American history in our discussion forum, Talk Back. And make sure to visit the Photo Gallery, where we will continue to add photos as we receive them. In some cases we will need your help to identify the people and places pictured. So, go ahead, click on the link provided and begin exploring Our African American Legacy. It’s a great place to find out more about this wonderful parish we are all proud to call home!

EBSCO Alt HealthWatch

Does your New Year’s resolution to become better organized, healthier, and more fit take into account any stress management?  If you haven’t an answer, don’t fret.  Let EBSCO Alt Health Watch give you a fresh, new perspective on managing stress in your life. 

  • Click “Online Databases” on the left navigation menu of our home page.
  • Click “Enter” (remote users will be asked to enter library card number).
  • From the Statewide Databases list, click “EBSCO”; select EBSCOHost Web; scroll and click “Alt HealthWatch”.
  • We’ll start with a basic search.  In the blank search box, type stress reduction; click search.
  • To banish the anxiety of sorting through 755 hits, we’ll narrow our results by specifying a subject.  Notice the suggestions provided to do just this; click your choice of subjects (e.g., stress management, yoga, meditation).
  • To read an article that sparks your interest, click either the entry title or HTML or PDF Full Text.
  • Click Add (a link beside each article citation) to save articles in your personal folder; you may opt to save, print or email items in your folder once you are done browsing and collecting what you want to read.

Tax Strategy Booklist

It’s a good time to plan business tax strategies for the new year. Here is a list of new titles in the library’s collection on the subject of small business taxation.
422 Tax Deductions For Business & Self Employed Individuals /
Bell Springs Pub., c2003.
Deduct it! : Lower Your Small Business Taxes, 2nd Edition
NOLO Press, c2005.
Tax Accounting For Small Business: How To Prepare A 1040C
Small Business Advisors, Inc., c1996.
Tax Savvy For Small Business: Year-Round Tax Advice For Small Businesses, 10th Edition
NOLO Press, c2006.
Tax Smarts For Small Business
Sphinx Pub., c2004.

Titles listed above are linked to the Library’s online catalog so you can see title locations and status. Once you’re in the catalog, click on the picture of the book cover for a synopsis and other information.

Business Person of the Month: Bret Funk

Bret Funk

Manager/Senior Technician

Rent-A-Nerd Inc. of Baton Rouge

7970 Jefferson Highway, Suite B Baton Rouge, LA 70809

Tel.225.706.NERD (6373)

Bret Funk - Manager, Senior Technician Rent A Nerd computer Servicese “Since when has the world of computer software design been about what people want? This is a simple question of evolution. The day is quickly coming when every knee will bow down to a silicon fist, and you will all beg your binary gods for mercy.”
-Bill Gates, February 21, 2000

Rent-A-Nerd is a computer repair and network design company, offering onsite and in-house services to home and business users. Rent-A-Nerd, a locally owned and operated company, has been serving southeastern Louisiana since 1997 from its original Metairie location, but in the aftermath of Katrina, a second shop opened in the Baton Rouge area. In addition to regular repair services, Rent-A-Nerd offers maintenance and full service contracts to customers with multiple computers, and priority and remote assistance services for those issues that must be taken care of immediately. “Whether you have one computer or one hundred, Rent-A-Nerd is ready and able to help you.”

Bret earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Biological Chemistry at Tulane and a Master’s of Public Health in Epidemiology from Tulane’s School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine. When he failed to make it into Medical school and couldn’t find a fulfilling job in his degreed fields, he took a position at Rent-A-Nerd (he had worked as a computer technician in high school.) He considered it just a stop gap job while he pondered his options, but then he saw how miserable his friends in med school were. “I decided that being a computer doctor was just as fulfilling and required far less insurance.”

An A+ Certified Computer Technician and a Microsoft Certified System Engineer with Messaging Specialty, Bret earned these certifications subsequent to joining Rent-A-Nerd in early 2003. The company policy is to constantly improve abilities and learn the “proper” way to do things. Prior to Rent-A-Nerd, Bret says he saw no need for certifications. “They impress clients more than employers. Memorizing the answers that Microsoft, CompTIA, or Cisco want you to give isn’t the same as being able to fix a problem you’ve never encountered before.” Bret finds the ever-changing nature of this job its most satisfying aspect. Though he may spend most of his time removing viruses and spyware from systems, he relishes new experiences, exposure to some new piece of hardware or software, and new puzzles to solve. “By constantly challenging myself, I’m able to make myself a better technician, which ultimately benefits my customers and leads me to even more difficult challenges.”

Born and raised in southern New Jersey and ready to experience someplace different after high school, Brett applied to colleges in Boston, Los Angles and New Orleans. Tulane was a major draw, but the city contributed somewhat. He knew little about New Orleans other than its reputation and even less about the state of Louisiana when he moved here over 12 years ago. He remembers some culture shock when he ventured out of uptown and into the “wilds” of New Orleans, but “Tulane itself was almost an island of northern-ness in the great sea of the south. I met more people there who grew up within 200 miles of my home in NJ than I did from Louisiana.” He did meet and marry a local girl and has since found no compelling reason to leave Louisiana.

His wife was seven months pregnant when they evacuated ahead of Katrina, leaving their home and most possessions to fate. Their son Nicholas was born October 30, 2005. “Due to inefficiencies and lost records at the Office of Vital Records, we only received his birth certificate last week.” Bret expressed two regrets about the evacuation: that they took so few items of sentimental value because they’d evacuated before without need and the time he spent moving boxes from the garage to the kitchen (“In the end it meant our stuff was under 6 feet of water instead of 8.5 feet.”)

Rent-A-Nerd in Metairie survived the storm with minimal damage and missed the flooding by about a quarter mile. The store was operating in a limited fashion within three weeks of Katrina though half of the employees were permanently displaced. Though not yet generating as much revenue as prior to Katrina, Metairie has almost reached its pre-storm level of employees and workload. Bret manages the Baton Rouge location while the owner of the company, Darrin Piotrowski, splits his time between the two locations. As business increases and more technicians are hired, Darrin plans to return to the original shop full time.

The Baton Rouge shop has shown a steady increase in business since it opened last year. “If things continue at their present rate of growth, I suspect that Baton Rouge will have a Nerd presence for quite some time.” When asked if computers that were in the flood or closed up in hot, moldy environments could be salvaged, Bret said though the machines themselves were a loss, data on the hard drives could sometimes be retrieved. “But in our post-Katrina experience, the success rate on recovery was less than 20%.”

Happy with the work he’s doing, Bret claims not to have “the patience or charm to climb the ladder in yet another field of work.” He has no plans for a career change unless his writing reaches a point where he doesn’t need other work to “support the habit.” Bret started writing while in graduate school when he found the course load not particularly challenging. He co-founded an independent press to help promote and produce quality speculative fiction. Tyrannosaurus Press sponsors writing contests; offers a free monthly ezine, the Illuminata; and has published a short story anthology, Beacons of Tomorrow, featuring undiscovered authors. Library Journal has reviewed his three books favorably, and as a result, libraries across the country have added his work to their collections. “As a science fiction and fantasy author of very limited fame, public libraries represent the largest fraction of my customer base.” Path of Glory (2002), Sword of Honor (2003), and Jewel of Truth (2006) are available at most branches of our library. “I would need a few tens of thousand more devoted fans before I could shelve the day job entirely and switch careers to professional writer.”

Bret considers libraries an invaluable resource for the community and says the library can open up whole new worlds to people. Personally, he uses the library to gain exposure to new authors. “I’m a book collector, so the library’s insistence that I return the books I borrow limits me.” When he finds authors he likes, he tends to buy their books rather than borrow. Bret reads mostly science fiction, fantasy, and graphic novels, but also dabbles in mysteries and other genres, even the occasional nonfiction book if the subject interests him. He declined to name a favorite author, saying “there are too many whose works have substantially affected me to select one or to even narrow down the list.”

Bret feels that Baton Rouge is in a unique position at the moment. “The tragedies of Katrina and Rita have swelled the population, and large numbers of the new arrivals (like myself) will not be leaving. If the parish reacts wisely over the next few years, making appropriate changes in infrastructure and public services in anticipation of the needs of the next decade (and not just trying to address the problems left over from the last one), then this city and parish stands poised to become the most important in the state, and perhaps one of the most important in the entire region. This is a great opportunity for us to show how progressive and forward thinking we are, to build a community that shines as an example of what a greater metropolitan area should be. I’d like to think that we, as a people, will make the right choices over the next few years, but I’m old enough now (and experienced enough with our political system) to harbor a certain amount of cynicism over the quality of decisions made by politicians of any party.”

While he doesn’t know the context of the scary quote he chose for the introduction to his profile, Bret assumes it was made tongue-in-cheek. “Relating the quote to my own work, I generally say that while we will be unable to stop the evolution of free-thinking machines, as priests and prophets worshipping at the Alter of Technology, Rent-A-Nerd’s technicians are in the perfect position to keep you and your business in the good graces of the Binary Gods.”

Business Person of the Month Archive

National Clean Up Your Computer Month


The first month of the new year is the perfect time to revamp your routines.  Week one finds millions of Americans celebrating Diet Resolution Week, during which folks clean out their refrigerators and cupboards only to focus on healthier types of foods.  January is also a month marked by national celebrations to be on-purpose, improve quality of life, and engage in a more fit lifestyle.  Isn’t it time you included your computer in this mix of starting anew each January?

Consider the amount of time you spend searching, saving, bookmarking and browsing online in search of clever tips to carry out these turnarounds (like you’re doing now!).  Perhaps you’ve never really thought of cleaning up your computer just as you would your filing cabinet, hard-to-open junk drawer, or clothes closet. Or maybe you were just uncertain as to where you might start or how to do it? No problem! SpecterWeb outlines easy-to-read instructions on how to do the following:

  • Run Disk Cleanup (frees up space on your hard drive)
  • Defragment Your Disk Drive1 (aka “defrag”; reorganizes your files so they open faster)
  • Backup Your Hard Drive (prevents data loss and damage caused by disk failures, power outages, virus infections and other damaging events)
  • Update Your Desktop (your eyes will thank you for this one!)
  • Plus tips on checking for software updates, removing old files, and cleaning your equipment.

Glean additional tips on securing your computer and optimizing2 your settings.  Even though the terminology and processes might be new to you, you’ll gain insight into the types of things that are important to know as a computer user and owner.

Happy New Year!

1 You may not need to defrag if you are a Mac user.

2 You probably won’t need to optimize at all if you use Mac OSX. World News Digest is a combination news digest, almanac and encyclopedia that is very useful for finding information about significant world and national news events. Not only is it easily searchable and full text – it regularly provides special coverage of key or controversial issues. Maps and images are included as are news editorials and primary source documents.

Use this database for newspaper and news magazine stories (national and international), geographical information, and for current or historical overviews of major world events.