Holiday Party Tips

Looking for holiday party tips for a diverse workforce? Heidi LaFleche, a contributing writer for has put together a list of useful tips for a successful holiday business party.
Her list of tips include:

  • Accommodate Diverse Palettes
  • Invite The Family
  • Don’t Mix Religion With Business Celebrations
  • Allow employees To Opt out of Company Holiday Events

Read the entire article.

Want more tips, read Emily Post’s etiquette for the New Office Party online.

Business Person of the Month: Kaye M. Buhler, LMT

Kaye M. Buhler, LMT

Kaye M. Buhler Holistic Massage Therapy & Skin Care

5055 Capitol Heights Ave # B
Baton Rouge, LA 70806

Kaye Buhler - Owner of Holistic Message Therapy & Skin Care“The highest result of education is tolerance..”
– Helen Keller

Tolerance is giving to every other human being every right you claim for yourself.” – Robert Green Ingersoll

Kaye Buhler offers massage therapy and skin care treatments in a private, peaceful atmosphere. She is licensed by the state of Louisiana as a Massage Therapist and Esthetician/Cosmetologist.

Buhler worked as a hairdresser for nearly 8 years after earning a cosmetology degree from Lockworks Academie (now Aveda Institutes). She later studied esthiology at the Christine Valmy International Institute of Advanced Esthetics in New York, one of the first schools established in the United States to offer students European style and skin care techniques.  Buhler sought additional training through Dermalogica in California and Texas for advanced European style, as well as aromatherapy, holistic esthetics, and spa therapies.

Extended hours of teaching and working behind the chair as a professional hairdresser caused Buhler to suffer neck and shoulder strain, so she began regularly seeking, and benefiting from, massage therapy.  This led to her true calling.  She wanted to be able to offer others the same beneficial healing and relaxation. She studied Massage Therapy at Blue Cliff College.  She has practiced as a licensed massage therapist for 14 years; as her own boss, for 12. “I enjoy helping others feel better about themselves, assisting relaxation, and providing a stress free environment,” Buhler said.

Intrigued by the movements of a belly dancer she once saw perform in Colorado, Buhler discovered her second calling, Middle Eastern Dance, which she has been practicing for 9 years. Dancers traditionally take a Middle Eastern name; she has chosen Noura, a feminized version of the Arabic word Noor, which means light, but also in homage to her grandmother named Nora. In 2000 she joined Middle Eastern Dance Artists of Louisiana (MEDA-LA), a nonprofit social club organization formed in 1980.  She served as vice president and president of MEDA-LA at one time. In 2002 she helped found Bayou Shimmy, a dance studio which offers a plethora of belly dancing classes (some of which she teaches) and meditation workshops; it also boasts a traveling dance troupe, with whom she performs at festivals and events. For more information on MEDA-LA and Bayou Shimmy, you may visit their official websites: and

Her other interests include cooking, reading and playing with her dogs. “I love to try new recipes and am learning Middle Eastern cooking,” Buhler said. She often reads Cooks and Gourmet magazines. She subscribes to two dance journals, Zagharett and Habibbi, and to The Chronicles, a magazine of American culture, as well as Saudi Aramco World. When not reading dance & movement books, Buhler enjoys mysteries and historical fiction. She’s currently reading a non-fiction book about the women of Islam, which was recommended by a friend.

When asked if the library had played a role in her life, Buhler replied that libraries are crucial to furthering one’s education and can help you become better and smarter in your chosen field. “Librarians are awesome people,” she added.

The favorite quotes that Buhler chose for the beginning of her profile reflect her interest in learning about different cultures, embracing multiculturalism and encouraging tolerance of differences between people. When asked to comment on the future of our city, Buhler spoke in favor of ethnic diversity saying, “I’d love to see the various cultures in Baton Rouge grow and flourish.”

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Froo·gle (fru’gal) n. Smart shopping through Google.

Why burn gas and wade through the crowds when you can shop online?  Gift buying is a cinch with Froogle, Google’s searchable shopping index.  Similar in appearance to the Google directory, Froogle focuses on getting you right to an online point of purchase for the item you want.  Not a lot of time to spare?  Not exactly in the mood to shop?  No problem.  Use this search hint and you’ll be done with your holiday shopping in virtually no time!

  • Get the most out of your search with the Advanced Froogle Search
  • Use the following special syntaxes that Froogle keeps up its sleeve:
    • The syntax intitle: restricts results to the title of the item, while intext: restricts results to the description.  You can use these in combination.  So, if you are looking for ‘art deco jewelry’, you’d use this search:
      • intitle:art deco   intext:jewelry
    • There’s also an OR, specified by a | (the pipe character).  Perhaps you want to find either art deco earrings or bracelets; you’d use this search:
      • art deco (intitle:bracelet | intitle:earrings)
  • Set a desirable price range to fit your budget!

Candy 101

For most of us the holiday season means homemade candies. As kids we always looked forward to Aunt Sylvia’s dense, rich, and nutty chocolate fudge or Granny’s meltingly light clouds of divinity. Biting into those yummy treats was just as exciting as opening presents – and we got to eat lots!!

If you’re missing those childhood moments or want to provide them for your young family members, you’ll need recipes – and possibly instructions. That’s where the Candy 101 website comes in. This site isn’t pretty, but it’s got all the essential information you’ll need to master the art and science of candy making.

To make a smooth and creamy fudge (or any kind of candy), you don’t just need a recipe — you need to know what’s going on with your sugar. This site explains sugar science very well. It also has illustrations and explanations of all the stages of candy cooking. And once you’re well-versed in the science, it provides classic recipes for all your favorites. So don’t be intimidated. Give candy making a try!

And remember – even if your fudge is runny and your divinity is flat – they both still taste great!

Happy Holidays!!!

The Big Read: One Book/One Community

Everyone knows that the perfect holiday gift is a book, but finding the right book for your friend or loved one can be difficult.  Let the Library take some of the burden from your shopping bag-weary shoulders — choose our Big Read: One Book/One Community title, To Kill a Mockingbird, or use our online database, Novelist, to help you choose books based on the likes of your recipients.

For instructions on how to use Novelist, click here.

The Big Read: One Book/One Community

Everyone knows that the perfect holiday gift is a book, but finding the right book for your friend or loved one can be difficult.  Let the Library take some of the burden from your shopping bag-weary shoulders — choose our Big Read: One Book/One Community title, To Kill a Mockingbird, or use our online database, Novelist, to help you choose books based on the likes of your recipients.

For instructions on how to use Novelist, click here

Retired Execs Can SCORE Big For Your Business

The Baton Rouge chapter of S.C.O.R.E., Service Corps of Retired Executives, has over 35 years of experience assisting small businesses in the Baton Rouge area.

65 retired Executives offer FREE counseling to start-up businesses on subject such as:

  • Developing a Business Plan
  • Marketing
  • Advertising
  • Human Resources
  • Webpage Design
  • Accounting Basics

Visit their website at and

  • Learn about upcoming business seminars
  • Print FREE financial planning documents

Baton Rouge SCORE Chapter 141
7117 Florida Blvd.
Baton Rouge, LA 70806
Phone 225-381-7130
FAX 225-815-0082

Business Person of the Month:Bobbie Lee Favaron

Bobbie Lee Favaron

Bobbie Favaron Hair Unlimited, Inc.

9766 Jefferson Hwy #100

Baton Rouge, LA 70809


Bobbie Favaron - Owner of Hair Unlimited, Inc.

Those who know how will always have a job; those who know why will always be their boss — Author Unknown

Bobbie Favaron is not only the owner of Hair Unlimited, Inc., but also an operator and stylist at the salon, which is a corporation licensed as a barber shop. He is licensed as a Barber; his employees, licensed cosmetologists. The salon’s main focus is on hair cutting, styling, highlighting, coloring and permanents. “We do hair,” Favaron says when asked to describe his business, “Everything you can do to hair we do, except extensions.”   This concentration on the natural side is also evident in the pedicures and manicures offered at the salon. “No fake nails,”  Favaron declares.

At the encouragement of his hometown barber, he attended the New Orleans Barber and Beauty School after high school. The plan was for Favaron to begin work at the barbershop and take over the practice when the older man retired. But, six months after becoming licensed, he realized the plan wasn’t going to work. Favaron and his mentor had different ideas about the business. The shop was a typical rural barber shop which only catered to men; Favaron wanted to cover the full range of hair care, including women’s hairstyling. During the 60s, barbers were only allowed to cut hair; working with chemicals for permanents, coloring, etc. was not allowed. Cosmetologists were licensed to handle chemical hair products, though not permitted to cut hair. It wasn’t until the 70s that the State of Louisiana passed a law lifting the restrictions on barbers and cosmetologists duties.

In the early 60s, Favaron had an offer to move to Plaquemine to work in a salon whose clientele was 70% female. Eager to serve a variety of clientele, he jumped on it. He later moved to Baton Rouge in 1966 to become a partner in the Ideal Barber Shop. To advance his education, he took night classes in men’s hair styling. He also became an educator/guest artist for Redken Laboratories, working Trade Shows and doing seminars on hair care and styling. Eventually buying his partner’s share, he continued to operate the Ideal Barber shop until selling it in 1975. He then opened Hair Unlimited in the Southdowns Shopping Center, the first unisex salon in Baton Rouge. Hair Unlimited offered a single location for the whole family, cutting and styling both men’s and women’s hair.

Favaron enjoys working with his clients. “I am a people person.  When you cut and style hair, you help people improve their feelings about themselves.  It is uplifting to give someone a positive attitude about their appearance.  A stylist can make or break a person’s day.” 

Happy to be featured in the Library’s Business Person of the Month program, Favaron reports that he and his family use library resources for school, study and pleasure. He keeps up with hair trends by reading several professional and trade publications in the field. When asked to name a favorite book or author, Favaron mentions a group of books on Psycho-Cybernetics he read years ago. He was impressed by these works of Dr. Maxwell Maltz and said he used some of the principles when he was teaching. “It’s basically about training your mind to achieve goals,”  he states.

Favaron likes to think of Baton Rouge as “the largest little town you will ever live in.”  He explains that Baton Rouge has become the largest city in Louisiana, but has not lost the small town feel.  “Baton Rouge has an opportunity here after the hurricanes to be a very progressive, upbeat town. Not that it isn’t now, but this is our opportunity to grow.”

Active both professionally and personally in our community, Favaron serves as Vice-President of the Board of Barber Examiners of Louisiana, which meets monthly. The Board oversees the testing of students seeking licenses as new barbers.  They also deal with issues in the state that affect the profession. He belongs to the Baton Rouge Round Table and acts as organizer for their Crewe of Knights’ float in the Spanish Town Mardi Gras Parade. He enjoys his membership in Les Bon Vie, a men’s dining club, which also does charity work.

In his spare time he and his wife, Glenn, like to spend time on their Sea Ray pleasure boat, “a sort of a motor home on water“. They look forward to relaxing weekends on it and often host Sunday pleasure cruises for friends and family.

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Do You Live in a Flood Zone?

Flood zone information for property owners in East Baton Rouge Parish is available online.
Let us show you how to find your flood zone information!

  • Go to
  • Click Online Maps
  • Under Property Search, chose search lots by Address, Subdivision, or Business Name
  • After entering your search terms, click Search
  • Results display with the option to select Map or Details
  • Select Details
  • In the Property Details Box, look for the heading Flood Zone
  • The flood zone label is a link to an FAQ page that briefly describes the nature of four different flood zones.


  • Flood zone information is not available for Baker and Zachary.
  • Java must be installed on your computer to display maps. Java is available as a free download from

EBR Parish Geographic Information System (GIS)

Baton Rouge’s premiere GIS program at your fingertips!  Locate properties by searching for address, subdivision name, business name, North America Industrial Classification System (NAICS) code, or street name throughout the Parish, excluding the City of Baker and the City of Zachary.

To get you started, here are a few hints.  Click Online Maps and choose your search method; Fill in the search boxes with required information; Click Search and Voila!  Results allow you to select Details or Map.

Details allows you to access:

  • Flood zone Information
  • Subdivision name
  • Metro Council District number and a link to Metro Council District webpage
  • Census tract number and a link to census tract demographics
  • Recycling, garbage, and trash pickup days

Map display lets you view:

  • A specific piece of property
  • 2006 aerial photos

Note:  Java must be installed on your computer to display maps. Visit for a free download.