Back-to-School, World Book Online Reference Center

World Book Online Reference Center

Looking for online learning essentials for this school year?  Set aside a quick moment to find out just why you are going to make room for World Book Online (WBO) on your top 3 list of learning “e”-ssentials this school year.  

Going beyond the scope of its renown, carefully-edited articles and colorful atlases, WBO delivers a ton of ultra cool interactive stuff for students, teachers, and parents alike.  In fact, there’s so much more to mention than we have room for that we’ve decided to begin this field trip with a little window shopping.  So, go ahead, take a look; but first, pump of the volume on your computer for this back-to-school search hint.

  • On the left navigation menu, click Online Databases.  
  • Click Enter [remote users need a library card to access all online databases].
  • Under the Statewide Databases list, click World Book Online Encyclopedia.
  • Scan the top right of the page; click Site Contents.
  • As you scan the list of contents, you’ll see a heading for Sounds; click search sounds.  [Note:  if you do not already have the plug-in RealOne Player®, click the link for a free download; you’ll want it for future use of WBO.]
  • On the search page, click uncheck all; check sounds.
  • Type the word “balalaika” [Russian stringed-instrument]; click GO.
  • You’ll retrieve two (2) results that contain an audio sample of the instrument; listen for fun!
  • To view photos of a balalaika, conduct a pictures search just as you did a sounds search.

WBO also provides Spanish speakers and students of Spanish with information in Estudiantil Hallazgos, World Book’s intermediate Spanish-language encyclopedia.  ¿Impresionate,eh?

Back to School @

August is “Back to School” month for Louisiana students.  Make your child’s return to the classroom as painless as possible — bookmark this site from the Federal Government.

Back to School @ provides your child with lots of information useful to a young scholar of any age.  There are links to free Federal resources in all subjects, a grade point calculator (for your overachiever), and a college search.  You’ll find links to free maps and images, historical documents, and statistics — all designed to make that term paper or semester project stand out.  For younger students, there’s a link to Firstgov for Kids, a site with fun and interesting information for those in the lower grades.

Back to school doesn’t have to mean “back to the grind!”  Visit Back to School at, get prepared, and have smooth sailing throughout the year.

Student Research Center

Was you school life last year some thing like this?

Got homework due tomorrow! Need to finish that paper YESTERDAY!  I have one week for that social studies project?!?!?

This school year doesn’t have to be like that.  There’s a new one-stop-shop for information at the Library and it’s Student Research Center – one of the awesome databases provided by the Library and Ebsco Publishing!

This site has it all — film & video, biographies, newspapers & magazines, reference sources, and primary source documents.  It even has TV news transcripts!  I bet you’ve never been able to quote Anderson Cooper before!

So don’t freak out this year – be prepared for any schoolwork emergency.  Use Student Research Center for all your homework and project needs. Emergency Planning Preparedness Tips

Disasters can strike your business any time. A sound emergency preparedness plan can help protect assets, diminish damage, and put your business on the road to recovery., the official website of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security is a one-stop source for emergency preparedness planning tips.

At users can follow step-by-step suggestions to create a sound emergency plan. The following materials can be downloaded, printed and made available to employees.

  • Brochures
  • Posters
  • Checklists

All materials are FREE!

Where to find it on the Internet: point your browser to and click on “Ready Business“.

Business Tip of the Month Archive

Business Person of the Month: Elizabeth “Liz” Walker

Elizabeth “Liz” Walker

Elizabethan Gallery

680 Jefferson Hwy
Baton Rouge, LA 70806

Elizabeth Walker - Owner & Manager of the Elizabethan GalleryElizabeth “Liz” Walker is the owner and manager of the Elizabethan Gallery, which is located in Mid City at 680 Jefferson Highway, between Goodwood Boulevard and Government Street.

The Gallery is dedicated to promoting the works of established and emerging artists in the area and is recognized for its collection of original art and custom framing. It is home to an impressive collection of watercolors, acrylic and oil paintings, professional photography, antique prints, lithographs, serigraphs, and graphic posters.

Walker attended Louisiana State University and Nichols State University and majored in marketing. She began working in Thibodaux as a marketing director for a family owned office supply business that had a small merchandising section of art supplies and ready made frames. When she returned to Baton Rouge in 1988, it was a natural fit for her to open a gallery and frame shop.

Walker’s community involvement includes:

  • Mid City Merchants Association
  • Professional Picture Framers Association
  • Photo Marketing Association
  • Associated Women in the Arts
  • Greater Baton Rouge Area Chamber
  • Louisiana Arts Science Museum
  • Baton Rouge Little Theatre
  • Baton Rouge Gallery
  • Arts Council of Greater Baton Rouge
  • Daughters of the American Revolution
  • Baton Rouge Irish Club

Business Person of the Month Archive

Discover Federated Searching

Search All Statewide Databases — Simultaneously!

Federated searching enables you to search any or all of the library’s databases simultaneously through one simple interface and with only one search query. What’s the advantage? This process removes some of the complexities you might have encountered with searching a variety of databases, i.e., being bombarded with altogether different interfaces and search commands.

So the next time you need results and don’t know which database to select, just do a federated search! In return, you’ll be presented with integrated results from a range of collected sources.

  • From the EBRP Library home page (URL:, click Online Databases on the left navigation menu.
  • Click Enter on the next screen (remote user authentication is required).
  • Under the Statewide Databases heading, click Search All Statewide Databases.
  • From the main search page, enter or select the following search criteria:
    • [keyword] type “festival
    • [select the Boolean] “AND
    • [keyword] type “B&W photo
    • [publication date] click “all dates
    • [search by category] check “Louisiana
  • Click Search.
  • We get 65 hits from the LOUISiana Digital Library Collections Online.
  • To view the first set of results, scroll down.
  • Click the View button beneath result #1: “Acadian buggy parade at the International Rice Festival in Crowley Louisiana in 1950”

Note: Federated searching also provides room for serendipitous discovery of the cornucopia of online databases available to you. In case you didn’t know about the digital library collection and do want to know more about what it has to offer…

  • Click browse on the top menu bar above the Rice Festival photo.
  • This will enable you to browse the LOUIS digital collection of collections.

Acadian – Cajun Genealogy and History

Digging for your ancestral bones? Dig deep at Tim Hebert’s site for Acadian-Cajun Genealogy and History.

Hebert posts lots of data to assist with research with less clicking to other sites. His focus is on pre-1900 materials including pre-deportation materials and Acadians who settled in Louisiana. Get an overview of what the site offers by going to the Main page message board and clicking on “What is Acadian-Cajun?”. Start learning how-to with his step-by-step guide involving a brand new chapter not yet released in print.

Learning Express Library

Learning Express

Do you or your children have to take tests for school or employment? Is test anxiety a problem? LearningExpress Library provides practice tests and tutorial courses designed to help you succeed on any academic or employment tests you may have to take. You’ll get immediate scoring, complete answer explanations, and an individualized analysis of your results.

So don’t worry! Be active! Take a practice test and improve your score!

Hurricane Season (Internal Revenue Service publications)

The 2006 hurricane season starts June 1 and ends November 30. The Internal Revenue Service has prepared publications with useful information in the event a hurricane or other natural disaster affects your business.

Publication 2194B has a checklist of important documents needed when requesting IRS assistance after a natural disaster. Publications 547 outlines special IRS rules that apply when reporting a loss in a “Presidentially” declared disaster area, and Publication 584B contains worksheets to calculate business losses resulting from a disaster.

The publications are available as free downloads from the IRS website,

Publication 2194BDisaster Losses Kit For Businesses

Publication 547Casualties, Disasters, and Thefts

Publication 584BBusiness Casualty, Disaster, and Theft Loss Workbook

Form 4684Casualty and Theft

All forms and publications are in the PDF format and should be compatible with the latest version of the Adobe Reader.

NOAA Hurricanes

NOAA Hurricanes

Hurricane Preparedness Week 2006 took place last month (May 21-27) – like sands of the hourglass, so are the days leading to the next tropical storm. Recent history has confirmed what we already knew about hurricanes: that hurricane hazards do come in many forms – storm, high winds, tornadoes, and flooding. Do you have an adequate plan that includes all of these hazards?

The National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) teamed up with the U.S. Department of Commerce to bring you timely, accurate storm information, forecasting, as well as images, a history of previous hurricanes, dangers during a hurricane, and how a prepare. Let’s try a couple of searches:

Search #1

  • Logon to the ‘Hurricanes’ website at
  • Click Search on the top menu bar.
  • Type your search term – “hurricane preparedness”; click Search.
  • You’ll retrieve many results; to shorten this list, click Hurricane Preparedness Week on the left-hand menu.
  • Click the result – Hurricane Preparedness Week on the right-hand list.
  • Voila! – feast your eyes on how you can secure your home, create a family disaster plan, pet plan, and compile a disaster supply kit.

Search #2 – En Español

  • On the ‘NOAA’ search page (URL:, click Advanced Search.
  • To find information in Spanish on the Saffir-Simpson Hurrican Scale, type the phrase “saffir-simpson” under ‘This exact phrase’; choose Spanish from the language drop-down menu; click Search.
  • Click the result – La Escala Saffir/Simpson para Huracanes to read the description of a categoria cinco.

Note, to a specific phrase, use quotation marks around the phrase. For example: “atlantic hurricane tracking chart”. Notice also that NOAA search ignores capital letters. Saffir-Simpson produces the same result as saffir-simpson or SafFir-SimpSOn.