Central Intelligence Agency Archives

Ever wondered what’s in C.I.A. reports about UFOs?

Want to know what intelligence the agency had during the Cold War?

Now you can find out!

Freedom of Information Act Electronic Reading Room

The C.I.A. archives make tremendously interesting reading! Under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), previously secret documents over 25 years old are automatically declassified and are available for public review.

These records date back to when the C.I.A. was first established. Many of the original documents have been scanned and can be viewed online. You can also request a declassified document that’s currently not available online.

Not all C.I.A. documents have been declassified, but those that have make fascinating reading!

Also, next time you are in the library, ask at the Reference Desk for another great resource, the C.I.A. World Factbook or view the online version.