Finance Strategy Booklist

January is a good time to plan business accounting and finance strategies for the new year. Here is a list of recent additions to the library’s collection on the subject of small business finance.

Financial Management 101: Get A Grip On Your Business Numbers, 2nd Edition¬
Self-Counsel Press, 2008.

J.K. Lasser’s Small Business Taxes 2008: Your Complete Guide To A Better Bottom Line¬†¬
Wiley, 2008

Legal Forms For Starting & Running A Small Business, 5th Edition¬
Nolo Press, 2008.

QuickBooks 2008: The Missing Manual¬
O’Reilly, 2008.

Tax Savvy For Small Business¬
Nolo Press, 2008.

The Law (In Plain English) For Small Business, 2nd Edition¬
Sphinx Pub., 2007.

Titles listed above are¬†linked to the Library’s online catalog so you can see item locations and status. Once you’re in the catalog, click on the picture of the book cover for a synopsis and¬†other information.

Unclaimed Property

Did you know the Louisiana Department of the Treasury has over $200 million dollars in unclaimed property? Unclaimed property is money that an individual or company is owed which was not collected, often due to a change of address.

This unclaimed property comes from a variety of sources, such as oil and gas royalty payments, utility deposits, and overpayments on accounts. The Department of the Treasury maintains a database of this unclaimed property.

Checking to see if you have unclaimed property is simple. Go to the Department of Treasury Unclaimed Property website. You can search by your name and by previous addresses. If you find your name listed, fill out the claim form and you’re on your way to getting what is rightfully yours! Happy hunting!

We all buy things that we don’t need in the end, but right now, we all should be watching what we spend. is a kind of online confessional — where you can confess about the stuff you shouldn’t have spent your money on. You know you want to tell somebody about that $2500 you spent on that silly tablet computer…

But the REAL purpose of Spendster isn’t to make you feel guilty about spending money — it’s to give you a chance to talk about what you would do with that money if you still had it today. It’s a real eye-opening experience when you think about it!

Spendster has videos, photos, message boards, an interactive calculator, and articles to help you become a better spender. In short, it’s a great opportunity to learn how and where you spend money.

So give Spendster a whirl — and learn to think before you spend that cash and regret it later.