Check Out the New Library Catalog!


On Wednesday, October 26, the Library unveiled a newly designed catalog for the public to use. By November 28, the new catalog will become primary. However, we still will offer a link to the old catalog for patron use until January 2, 2017.

The new catalog has been designed to work well on all screen sizes, from the monitor on your desk to the screen on a cell phone. To see the differences between the old and the new catalogs, visit the InfoGuide at

The new catalog also contains the following new features:

  • Search results will be sorted by relevancy. This means the results you see are more likely to match what you searched for. It currently only works with keywords searches. However for non-keyword searches, it will sort by popularity which should still produce better results than our current catalog which sorts by year of publication.
  • Patrons will be able to temporarily renew their Library card online. If a card has expired, they may click on a button on the My Account page to renew their card for 21 days. This option to renew is only available once the card has expired, and is only available on the account once per year. This means that after the 21-day extension, patrons will only be able to renew their card by visiting a Library in person.
  • Online registration for new patrons will be available. Patrons who find us online but do not yet have an account with us will be able to register for a temporary online card. This card number may be used to access our databases and e-resources and place holds from our catalog. The card number will expire after two months. After that time, patrons would need to renew their account in person and receive a permanent, regular use Library card.
  • Passwords will replace name codes. Currently, when patrons sign into their account online, they must type in their card number as well as their name code. The name code is the first four letters of the last name followed by the first three letters of the first name. Beginning on October 26, all new patrons will use a password to log in to their account instead of a name code. The default password for these new patrons will be their date of birth in the dd/mm/yyyy format. All current patrons will still log in using their name code as their password. All patrons with an email address, current and new, will be able to change their password at any time and reset their password if forgotten.
  • Patrons will be able to add or change their email address from the My Account page.
  • Patrons will be able to add and access linked accounts from the My Account page. This means parents will be able to link their child’s account to their own. They can then use that link to easily renew the child’s items without leaving their account. This requires an email address on all linked accounts.

We’d love to hear your feedback! To let us know what you think of the new catalog, simply click the green button at the top of the new catalog page to leave your comments via the Feedback Form.

Meet Author Claudia Gray

2016-07-05 _ East Baton Rouge Parish Library

Claudia Gray, the author of YA series like Spellcaster, Evernight, and Firebird, and Star Wars novels Bloodline and Star Wars: Lost Stars, will be at the Main Library on July 18th from 2:30 – 4:00 PM. Books will be available for sale at the program, and the author will sign them after the Q&A. If you want to get a refresher on your favorite characters and plot points before she speaks, check them out!

Liberty Magazine

Liberty Magazine was published weekly from 1924-1950. It was a bit like the New Yorker: it published opinion articles on everything from what clothes make you look skinny to which bits of the world the United States should go interfere with, as well as healthy doses of fiction written by some of the writers we now recognize to be preeminent in their field.

Much like our resources Women’s Wear Daily and the Vogue Archives, every page of the magazine’s original run has been scanned in high quality. In addition to the standard basic and advanced searches, you can also browse by date, contributor, and artist. So far we like searching by contributor, just for fun – we’ve found short stories by F. Scott Fitzgerald and political opinion pieces by H.G. Wells, to name a few.

If you like the written word, advertising, or the history of culture, this is a resource you won’t want to miss.

2016-07-05 _ East Baton Rouge Parish Library

Brain HQ

Do you like games? Do you like competing against yourself? Do you also like personal growth and development, with bonus statistical metrics that will help you measure up against other people in your demographic? Join up with Brain HQ and literally expand your mind.


light up your brain hq

If you’ve heard of Luminosity, it’s kind of like that. Brain HQ has lots of different kinds of challenges to help you work on the things that most interest you. Games focus on the six core cognitive areas: Attention, Brain Speed, Memory, People Skills, Intelligence and Navigation. Most games will combine these areas in different ways, and there are a total of 27 games with over 840 combined levels.

After you’ve signed on and set up an account (which will be used to track your progress), Brain HQ will develop an optional personalized training routine that you can work through each day (or however often) to move through the levels and train your brain. You can also just play the games you like the best as much as you want.

brain hq

Brain HQ! We’ve been playing it at the library, and we love it. If you can’t trust a bunch of librarians to recommend educational games, who can you trust?

2016 Summer Reading

DID YOU KNOW that it’s summer reading time again? Summer reading time! The most magical time of the year!

We’ve got programs for children, teens, and adults, or everybody from two seconds to two hundred years of age. (If anyone in this parish is two hundred years old, well done!) Just stop by any of the library branches starting Tuesday, May 31st, to pick up your reading log and learn about the great prizes and events we’re putting on this year.

Kids will love the “Check Meowt: Read Something Groovy” theme, which is based on Pete the Cat. Teens can “Get in the Game: Read“, and adults, you get to “Exercise Your Mind. Read!

2016-05-19 _ East Baton Rouge Parish Library

We’re really excited to get started reading with you, Baton Rouge. Let’s go!

Recycled Reads Returns

Recycled Reads returns this month at a brand-new location! Stop by 3434 North Boulevard on Saturday, April 30th, between 9 AM and 2 PM to stock up on gently used cookbooks, DVDs, fiction, CDs, history books, and more. Recycled Reads will now continue on the last Saturday of every month, just like it did at the old location.

2016-04-01 _ East Baton Rouge Parish Library

Check out these pictures of the new space:

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