Energy Savers

The summer is coming, the temperature rising and we all know what that means, electricity bills going through the roof! Any way that we can save energy is good for the environment and good for our wallets. There is a government site that can help:

This useful site offers lots of great advice on how to make our homes, vehicles and workplaces more energy efficient. have a look at the site and you’ll be surprised what tips you’ll pick up!

Business Person of the Month: Lucy Ramos


Lucy’s Health Foods specializes in organic foods, supplements, vitamins, food allergies, sports nutrition, gluten free foods and more. Her organic foods include meat, dairy and canned goods. Gluten free dairy items such as soy ice cream, cream cheese and sour cream are big sellers. Lucy Ramos has always wanted to help people and her health food business satisfies that need.

Ramos’s introduction to the health food business came from a friend who worked at Living Foods. Ramos got a part-time job there and using knowledge from her degree in Business Administration, she began doing inventory and organizing the business. After her efforts resulted in the store doubling in size in less than a year, the owner offered her a partnership. She moved into management full-time and ran the second location. When her partner retired and sold Living Foods on Perkins Road, Ramos renamed the Highland Road store, Lucy’s Health Foods.

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International Year of Astronomy

International Year of Astronomy – Astronomy 2009

2009 is the International Year of Astronomy, commemorating the 400th year since Galileo first studied the heavens through a telescope and Johannes Kepler published Astronomia Nova. This site, Astronomy 2009, celebrates astronomy’s quadricentenary with scholarly works, astronomical news, and an assortment of projects both academic and “secular.”

If you’re looking for some star-related fun, check out the videos that are gathered here — one is a School House Rock-inspired overview of x-rays. Twitter fans can follow Astronomy2009 to keep up. If you’re big in the virtual environment, you can check out the Second Life Astonomy 2009 Island, an area in Second Life’s SciLands that is devoted to all things astronomical.

You can also use Astronomy 2009 to find information on how to begin stargazing – and even to connect to our local temple of the stars, the Highland Road Park Observatory

So plan to take a look at the stars and Astronomy 2009, and while you’re there, make sure you follow the site’s links to all the other fascinating astronomy webspaces. Keep looking up!

Screaming Mummies!

The contorted features of ancient mummies seem to tell of untold pain and horrible deaths. But did the real-life people suffer the agonies of torture, or are their disturbing visages the result of natural phenomena?

Screaming Mummies!

Screaming Mummies! provides answers and explanations. It is teeming with photos, reading suggestions, and online resources that give a well-rounded explanation about why these mummies look as if they have died at a moment of agony.

Links to “The Mandible (Lower Jaw)”, “Mouth Closure”, and “Human Decomposition After Death” provide in-depth explanations. And for the truly inquisitive, the section, Rigor Mortis for Dummies, offers links to several more online resources.

So get your creep on and visit the Screaming Mummies!

Occupational Outlook Handbook Online

Looking for career information? Want to find out what a specific job entails and what qualifications are needed? How much you would expect to earn?

Occupational Outlook Handbook

The Occupational Outlook Handbook is a great place to look. This publication from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics is available online or we have print editions at the library.  It is updated every two years and is a great resource for job seekers or those looking for a career change.

Politics Junkie? Try Roll Call

Politics junkies will love Roll Call, the newspaper of Capitol Hill. Sections of this online version of the paper include “News”, “Politics”, “Vested Interests”, “Around the Hill”, and “Investigations”. You can also read opinion pieces by major political editorial writers, watch videos on various topics, listen to podcasts, and, of course, see hundreds of images.

Roll Call is the best way to stay current with the goings-on in DC, and in these politically charged times, staying current is important — and even fun.

New Business Titles

Time to roundup and list the latest small business titles in our collection.

The Boss Of You: Everything A Woman Needs To Know To Start, Run, And Maintain Her Own Business
Emira Mears & Lauren Bacon, c2008.

Outsmart!: Kow To Do What Your Competitors Can’t
Jim Champy, c2008.

Reality Check: The Irreverent Guide To Outsmarting, Outmanaging, And Outmarketing Your Competition
Guy Kawasaki, c2008.

Retire-And Start Your Own Business: Five Steps To Success
Dennis J. Sargent and Martha S. Sargent, c2009.

The Small Business Bible: Everything You Need To Know To Succeed In Your Small Business
Steven D. Strauss, 2nd ed. c2008.

Success 101: What Every Leader Needs To Know
John C. Maxwell, c2008.

Titles listed above are linked to the Library’s online catalog so you can see title locations and status. Once you’re in the catalog, click on the picture of the book cover for a synopsis and other information.

Get Human! How to Find a Real Live Customer Service Operator

We’ve all been there, calling a customer service center for a business and trawling through options, pressing numbers, getting nowhere, just more frustrated. All you want to do is talk to an actual person!

There is a website that can help! is a free website run by volunteers that provides a database of methods to get to a live operator as soon as possible. The site allows you to rate your experiences and to submit your own findings.

Videos on Safari Tech Books

If you’re looking to learn a software product, check out the video learning modules on our Safari Tech Books Online database. Here you will find a wide variety of video tutorials to help you learn. The videos offer clear demonstrations and instructions that are conveniently broken down into chapters and smaller sub chapters so you can go straight to what you need to know without watching the whole tutorial.

Safari Tech Books Online
Safari Tech Books Online

There are nearly 400 tutorials available and they include software such as Microsoft Office, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Garageband, how to make podcasts and much more.

Log in from home through our online databases page.

Livable Streets Initiative

Livable Streets Initiative

Smart growth, alternative transportation options, and green initiatives… Baton Rouge is just beginning the process to make the city and our streets more livable and people-friendly. If you’re following the news, you’re aware of the issues. And if you want to know more about these concepts, the Livable Streets Initiative has created a website that explains and demonstrates what the new livability is all about.

Using blogs, wikis, films, lesson plans and social networking this site has created a community that shows how to make our streets more people-friendly — and what technologies and designs are available. Visit the Livable Streets Initiative and start the process to take back our streets.