LASM’s Discovery Dome

This year, it’s not just for kids! LASM’s Discovery Dome holiday laser light show will have a special, one-time-only performance for adults and teens on Wednesday, December 20th, at the Main Library. You can register by calling the circulation desk at (225) 231-3740.

If you’ve got kids, there are lots of chances to bring them to see it for themselves! Check out this year’s schedule:

  • Greenwell Springs Road Regional Branch: Monday, December 4, 9:30 AM-12:30 PM
  • Eden Park Branch: Monday, December 4, 3-6 PM
  • Delmont Gardens Branch: Tuesday, December 5, 3-6 PM
  • Bluebonnet Regional Branch: Wednesday, December 6, 3-6 PM
  • Fairwood Branch: Thursday, December 7, 3:30-6:30 PM
  • Carver Branch: Monday, December 11, 10 AM-1 PM
  • Jones Creek Regional Branch: Monday, December 11, 5-8 PM
  • Central Branch: Tuesday, December 12, 3-6 PM
  • Zachary Branch: Wednesday, December 13th, 10 AM-1 PM
  • Scotlandville Branch: Wednesday, December 13th, 3:30-6:30 PM
  • Main Library at Goodwood: Thursday, December 14th, 2:30-5:30 PM
  • Pride-Chaneyville Branch: Monday, December 18, 3-6 PM
  • Baker Branch: Tuesday, December 19, 1:30-4:30 PM

You can sign up for your branch’s event by calling them directly. Let it at least pretend to snow, EBR!

Data USA

Like statistics? If you’ve gotten used to the resources available on the library’s digital statistics resource, Statista, it might be time to check out DataUSA!

DataUSA (not a library resource, just awesome) uses data collected from all kinds of federal agencies to tell stories about, well, all kinds of things – for example, you can learn about the degrees with best immediate payoff in the job market; then the best places to go to school for different degrees; move on to where the best job prospects for engineering grads can be found; and finish off with a study of happiest places to retire.

Included in this post are screen-grabbed examples of the categories you will find and some of the stories in each category, and you can also watch the following short video for more information:

Happy analyzing, Baton Rouge!

Healthy BR

The day after Thanksgiving is a great time to think about getting healthy! The Mayor’s Healthy City Initiative (Healthy BR) is working on a community health needs assessment for our parish. They’ve identified the top 10 health issues for Baton Rouge, including access to care; cancer; cardiovascular disease and stroke; diabetes; infant care; healthy living; injury prevention; mental health; sexually transmitted infection, including HIV; and substance abuse, but they need your help to figure out how the community prioritizes these concerns.  Click here to take the survey and make Baton Rouge a healthier place!

Food for Fines 2017

Get ready! Food for Fines, the library’s non-perishable food items fine repayment program, will start again on December 1st. If you’ve built up some fines, but know that the library is awesome and incidentally a great way to save money that you can use on your loved ones (you can check movies out for free!), December is your time to give back to the community while you get back the use of your library card.

With Food for Fines, every non-perishable food item you bring in gets you one dollar off your library fines. Non-perishable foods include:

  • canned vegetables!
  • canned soups!
  • dried beans!
  • canned meats!
  • flour!
  • rice!
  • peanut butter!
  • pasta!
  • corn meal!
  • cereal!
  • protein bars!
  • and so on!

The program starts on December 1st, ends on December 30th, and will entirely benefit the Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank. Let’s go!

Book Tasting for 20somethings

20somethings are invited to a “book tasting” at the Zachary Branch Library! Selections of books from different genres will be available at different tables.  Participants will get five minutes at each table to read, or “taste,” a particular selection of books.  It’s a great way to experience new genres. Call the Zachary Branch at 225-658-1850 for more information, or go on down on November 17th at 4 PM for literary tapas.

Veterans Day 2017

The first Veterans Day was held in 1926 to celebrate the end of World War I. The holiday was actually called Armistice Day until 1954, when it turned out that “the war to end all wars” would be followed by yet more violent conflict (specifically World War II and the Korean War). The holiday is now intended to honor all members of the United States military that have served in conflict.

The original Star Spangled Banner, used in the American Revolution.

Many of our branches have developed book displays and exhibits to mark the holiday. You can also visit the National World War II Museum’s website to see and hear oral histories conducted with United States veterans from all over the country, particularly those from Louisiana.

We thank you for your service.